This color is good for a room that faces south, a sunroom, or a bathroom where you can soak and relax. However, Silver Strand is a lovely, soft gray paint color with substantial green and blue undertones to paint your house. It's a beautiful addition to any room in the house.

It is a perfect choice if you're looking for a neutral but want some color in your home. Further more you can think about Sherwin Williams incredible white, read more about it in our guide.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand Vs Sea Salt

Your preference for green undertones differentiates Silver Strands and Sea Salt. While Silver Strand is a greenish-gray that may be perceived as blue, Seal Salt is more predominantly green.

Sea Salt is excellent for those who want minimal color in their spaces since its muted gray-green hue is easily complementary to taupe and greige. The lack of glare makes this sage a good option for those concerned about safety.

People who want more muted tones often choose Sea Salt because of its popularity with sage lovers. Neutral hues provide greater versatility when decorating different rooms in your home.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand Vs Sea Salt

What Are Some Of Silver Strand And Sea Salt's Shared Characteristics?

These hues are considered neutral since they don't stand out too much. They are not too sober and not too dim, so they are used in a wide variety of residences. The green undertones in each of them make them seem natural.

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What Makes Silver Strand Distinct From Sea Salt?

Gray with green undertones best describes silver strands, whereas sea salt is grayer with green undertones. Although hardly perceptible, the distinction does exist.

Detailed Comparison Between The Colors

Silver Strand 

Sea Salt

Color Family


Green and Gray





R:200  G:203  B:196

R:205 G:210 B:202


Hex Code



Undertone Silver Strand

The answer is complex since Silver Strand has varying appearances depending on the time and location. To bring out the blue undertones in Silver Strand, you may use cool lights, which cast a blue light on the walls.

However, the blue undertone in Silver Strand may still be brought out by exposure to northern light, so this approach may only sometimes work.

The Undertone Of Sea Salt

Depending on the angle of view, the hue might seem either a mellow green or a hazy blue. Due to less natural light, bathrooms without windows may appear darker than well-lit living rooms. Though green serves as this color's real undertone, blues are often the more noticeable. This color might seem gray compared to more saturated greens and blues.

The Undertone Of Sea Salt

Silver Strand LRV

This color  LRV is  59. It falls near the center of the scale. Nevertheless, Silver Strand is classified as a pastel hue. Despite being on the lighter end of the "light" spectrum, it has more body and deepness than numerous other light hues. It is not subtle that it disappears into the wooden background.

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Silver Strand LRV

LRV Of Sea Salt

With an LRV of 64, Sea Salt will assist in reflecting some of the light from windows into the room, making it seem brighter and more open. However, more is needed to completely transform a dimly lit area or overpower a well-lit one.

LRV Of Sea Salt

The LRV comparison reveals Sea Salt seems more airy and uplifting, like a day at the spa. The color of silver is dull. As the RGB shows, Sea Salt has much more green than Silver Strands.

How Cold Or Warm Is A Silver Strand?

Since it contains a lot of blue and green, it is a refreshingly cool paint color. Cool hues are blue, green, and purple. A room might seem more open and airy with their help, which is relaxing.

How Cold Or Warm Is A Silver Strand


Even though they seem almost identical next to one another, Silver Strand belongs to the gray family, and Sea Salts belongs to the green family, despite their superficial similarities. Both of them have a neutral, cold disposition.

Sea Salt has a higher LRV than Silver Strand (63 to 59), making it a more casual option. The combination of gray and green is appealing, and since they both include shades of gray, they provide a sense of tranquility to any space.

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