It is a more modern tint, and it pairs well with lighter, cooler wood floors and furnishings with more vivid colors.

What Truly The "Egret White" Color Is?

It is classified as off-white by Sherwin Williams; it is worth noting that it has more color than typical off-white. You might also describe Egret White as a pastel greige or a very pale version of that hue. The neutral color greige is a combination of gray and beige.

To clarify, Egret White may also be considered a very pale taupe. When you mix brown and gray, you get taupe. Colors between 73 and 82 LRV are considered off-white, whereas those above 82 are considered real white. Egret White is somewhat less bright than standard off-white, giving the impression of more color than it has.

What Truly The Egret White Color Is

Sherwin Williams Egret White Specifications

As a warm neutral white, Egret White is a great choice for painting. It features very faint hints of purple or pink. The space looks spotless and neutral when bathed in natural light.

LRV Of Egret White

With an LRV of 70, Egret White falls in the middle of the light and off-white tones. Egret White may seem dull and lifeless without enough illumination, whether from artificial sources or natural sunlight. However, it will wash out significantly in a bright room, like any color with a higher LRV.

Drift Of Mist Sherwin Williams - A Neutral Paint For Wall
It’s no secret that neutral paint colors are always in trend. Many people choose to “go neutral” because neutral colors look good in different places and work well with different paint colors.


There is a hint of purple and pink in its warm tones. Pairing it with a complementary hue like green or yellow can highlight this effect. This warm-toned off-white might seem more beige than white in reduced light settings. That does not seem fine,  but it's not a bright, pristine white.

It's crucial to test paint colors on a swatch on the wall to make sure they work both during the day and at night in the entire room.

Trim Colors

Matching the trim and walls is preferred when working with white wall paint. The room seems much more soothing with a monochromatic color scheme. The walls often get an eggshell coat, while the trim gets a semigloss one. For a more contemporary and contrasting design, though, stay with a pure white on the trim.

Table Chart:

Color Family

The color egret white is a warm off-white.

Light Reflectance Value


RGB Colors

R:223 G:217 B:207

Hex Code



Interior / Exterior

Color Code

SW 7570

Where Should You Utilize Egret White?

  • Since Egret White is both bright and neutral, it is used in any room in the house. Even in brightly lit environments, the greige tint prevents a clinical impression. Because of its high light output, Egret White doesn't have the effect of shrinking interiors more than necessary.
  • Egret White is a popular choice for kitchens because it is neutral and soothing since greige is still a staple in contemporary farmhouse décor. All those white cabinets may pop with the right use of egret white paint.
  • To decorate with Egret White, you may go with any number of minimalist, country, or nature-themed designs. Egret White is well-suited to bringing out the elegance of gray and taupe tones, for example, in wood and stone.
  • It's easy to relax in an Egret White room since the hue doesn't demand attention. It works well in the bedroom, the living area, or even a personal reading corner, where unwinding is the primary objective.

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Let's see where we can utilize this color further:

Living Room

The use of Egret White in the room's redesign made it more suitable for family gatherings. It's not often that a light neutral is used as an accent wall, but in this case, Egret White does a wonderful job of unifying the space around the mirror.

Living Room

Dining Room

Egret White walls provide a cozy touch in this dining area and set off the Extra White cabinets well. Egret White demonstrates its nearly miraculous ability to make the space seem larger in this dining room.

Dining Room


The bedroom's use of Egret White creates a relaxing, seaside atmosphere. Egret White's beige hue shines through against a backdrop of black fox trim and gold decorative accents in this luxuriously furnished bedroom.



The new Egret White color brings a sense of calm and relaxation to the bathroom. Egret White, a timeless color scheme, elevates this lavatory to the next level.



Your kitchen may have brand-new flooring, granite countertops, and new paint on the walls. Therefore, painting them in egret white offers your kitchen a makeover without the hefty price tag. The new flooring and granite, with the walls, painted egret white, looked great. Egret white is a prevalent smooth, warm neutral color. No wonder proposals for paint in shades of warm gray, greige, taupe, and even beige have given the current trend toward the warmer end of the color wheel.

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When seen in direct sunlight, the outside trim painted Egret White appears as crisp and dazzling as any other white paint. The façade of this property is painted in Egret White, which contrasts well with the In the details.


Egret White And Pale Oak - Are Both The Same?

Popular neutral paint colors include Egret White and similar tints of creamy off-white. Both hues have a Lightness Relationship Value (LRV) of 70, making them almost identical in terms of darkness. Add to it the fact that they are both classified as warm, creamy, and off-white, and it's easy to see why people confuse the two.

Given that they both belong to the same hue family and depth of color, the primary distinction between them is in the undertone. Compared to Egret White, which is more neutral, Egret Pink has a strong pink or purple undertone. The yellow and golden undertones of Pale Oak, on the other hand, make it seem cozy.

Egret White Coordinating Colors

As a pastel from the neutral color family, Egret White pairs well with many other hues.

Egret White Coordinating Colors
  • Remember that Egret White's modest purple and pink overtones might become more apparent when used with greens. All greige hues, including Egret White, go well with blue. All shades of blue are included, from the darkest navy to the palest aqua.
  • Egret White looks well when paired with other colors in the greige or gray color family. Think of greiges and charcoal grays in deeper tones. Classic and elegant, gray, white, and black create a striking and stylish color scheme. In addition, they excel at working with precious metals. There is a wide range of potential uses for this hue.
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There’s no denying that black paint is becoming more popular in recent years. Iron Ore is a wonderful choice if you want deep black paint with a touch of warmth. This nearly black paint has barely observable green undertones.


Is Egret White A Cool Color Or Warm Color?

Sherwin-Williams has the neutral Egret White in their Cool Whites Collection. However, it is quite well-balanced because of the greige blend's beige component.

What About Egret White Kitchen Cabinets?

The unique depth of Egret White makes it a challenge to pair with wall colors if you want to see any difference, but it is popular for kitchen cabinets, particularly with warmer trends. To get the best results, you should choose white paint or a color with a lower LRV by around 15 to 20 points.

What Shades Does Egret White Have?

Occasionally, a pinkish or purple tint may appear in an Egret White background. Many greige shades have these undertones. Due to the overall brightness of the hue, the undertones in Egret White are also somewhat muted.

To What Extent Does "Egret White" Resemble "Beige?"

This beige paint with a hint of pink works very nicely for the trim around the house. It also works with darker browns with pink undertones or lighter tans with pink undertones. However, the egret white lean towards the warmer sides of the color wheel.

How Variable Is The Degree Of Whiteness In An Egret?

Egret White, with an LRV of 70, is not as white as it seems. However, this works well in a space with plenty of natural light, which washes out colors and makes this hue seem much lighter and whiter than it is.

Is White Egret The Name Of The Bird?

You'd think a hue named after this bird would be the whitest, brightest white possible to honor the bird's storied plumage. As it seems, this mysterious shade is not white at all—and that's only the beginning of the mystery surrounding Egret White. Egret White is a nuanced neutral that seems quite sophisticated but is rather user-friendly when applied to walls.

Which White Paint Color From Sherwin-Williams Is The Warmest?

If it's any deeper, Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams would be closer to an off-white color. It is because Alabaster is located on the border of the off-white color space known as LRV 82.

Should You Paint Your House White?

Let's talk about whether or not you're ready to paint the inside of your home white. You'll be more receptive to new ideas, and the space will seem cleaner and fresher if you paint it with one of the finest white paint colors from Sherwin Williams that we've mentioned. When done right, understated elegance lasts for a long time. If you want a room to look light, bright, and airy, or if you want it to have a simple, clean look, white might be a good choice.

Which Off-White Color Is Sherwin Williams' Most Popular?

This creamy off-white is a stunning neutral that can be styled in various ways, from ultra-modern and minimal to traditional and cozy. The answer is "egret white" or a deeper version of that color for those who want to know. Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak is a very popular pale greige. This shade is 68.84, making it somewhat darker than Egret White.

Oyster White By Sherwin Williams — What Exactly Is The Color?

Sherwin-Williams, The green undertones in Oyster White are subtle. It works beautifully as a crisp white exterior and a soothing light greige interior. Gray Mist is the closest match.

What Are Living Room Paint Colors Trending For 2022?

Sherwin-Williams' Egret White is a good choice if you want a neutral white. A paint color that is not quite white but has warm tones of taupe. The color is warm and goes well with the tans and beiges already in the room. Also, it makes the room bright and airy without the yellow or blue tint that other white paint colors have.

Sherwin Williams Online - A Neutral Paint Color -Paint Nexus
When painting walls, cabinets, or doors gray,


A complicated neutral, such as Egret White, can be challenging to define but is straightforward to put into practice. This gentle gray is combined with any other tones you like with little effort.

Use it when the gentlest neutral is desired or you are looking for something slightly more attractive than white. It has nothing to do with lightness but is a great accent hue.

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