Raccoon fur is not quite black but a dark gray with a hint of blue. You'd think you are in a museum when you use the restroom.

Market experts unanimously agree that Benjamin Moore's October Mist is a top-tier choice for paint professionals. You can read all about it in our guide.

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur

We're on the hunt for the best black paint. Let's discuss whether or not Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur is the right choice for your house. It's easy to get a fashionable, contemporary look using black paint. It's often simpler to illustrate with a softer black rather than a better pure black. Let's see if it fits your house well.

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur.

Details And Specifications

Raccoon Fur with faint violet undertones is a fantastic hue since it can feel black without overpowering and has just the right amount of blue to keep things interesting.


Raccoon fur is a dark gray with inky blue and a hint of violet hues. That cold blue color will pop in a space, such as light from north-facing windows or artificial lighting. However, this color may seem more neutral-toned when exposed to warm tones, such as strong natural light. Look elsewhere if you don't like how this color reads as navy.

Raccoon fur is a dark gray

Where To Utilize Black Hues?

When painting, black is just as versatile as any other color and may provide a dramatic flair to a room. A few coats of paint, done properly, can transform a room to seem light, airy, and surprisingly expansive; this makes it a fantastic option for small spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak (#OC-20) is a neutral greige tone that is soft, light, and neutral. Read more about it in our guide.

With a wide range of shades, it's important to consider which would work best for a certain task. That's why it makes sense that designers tend to use it again in different contexts once they find a color that meets all their needs.

Where To Utilize Black Hues

The paint is a smooth, dark black. Contrary to popular belief, it is not black but a dark gray with a bluish cast. There are some closely related colors to it.

Kendall Charcoal

It is an adaptable neutral that functions nicely with most color palettes. It is a lovely exterior color that goes toward the warmer side of the spectrum.

Kendall Charcoal

Gray 2121-10

This Gray color from Benjamin Moore is a muted spin on traditional black. The door hardware makes a statement when applied to interior doors.

Gray 2121-10

Iron Mountain

An eye-catching gray creates a stunning design scheme for kitchen cabinets with white trim.

Iron Mountain

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has a gentle, subdued, and comforting quality. It looks great on the door or the table. However, you can use it on the exterior as well.

Wrought Iron

What Other Hues Combine To Form A Mellow Black?

You get black if you combine equal amounts of red, yellow, and blue paint. Black may also be made by combining other hues on the color wheel opposing one another. You can also make it by combining brown and blue.

Which Black Paint Is Ideal For Decorating Walls?

Black Magic from Sherwin-Williams is a great choice if you want pure black. It's a great shade since it's striking and clean without losing its classic elegance. It is the stuff to use to add a touch of dramatic flair to your room.

How Do You Settle On A Certain Shade Of Black Paint?

Since black is only a very dark shade of another color, the lighter tones on the paint swatch will reveal the true tone. These nuances become more apparent in daylight, so think about them thoroughly before making a choice.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter -A Versatile Hue - Paint Nexus
Everyone knows Revere Pewter is a classic hue. This hue is gorgeous, neutral, and very flexible.


It doesn't matter what kind of interior design you have; black will look great with it. It is a timeless shade that will never go out of style. In general, every hue discussed here is spectacular. Take a walk on the dark side and experiment with Raccoon Fur and other shades of black paint.

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