Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore is a top choice also. It's a lovely neutral gray that works with various color schemes.

It's a fantastic combination of gray and beige making it a superb example of the greige color family. The following text will enlighten you on the comparison between these two colors.

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Edgecomb Gray Vs Pale Oak

Undertones Of Pale Oak

Though it's a great shade, this color isn't one of Benjamin Moore's most well-liked greiges. Taupe is the category into which this color sometimes falls because of its subtle purple-pink overtones. A subtle purple-pink undertone to this color is seen in certain lights. If you have been looking for a shade with a little purple, this one might be the one.

Undertones Of Edgecomb Gray

It is a greige color that combines elements of gray and beige. In contrast to the majority of greiges, which are mostly green, it also has subtle pink undertones. Decorating with this might bring out the pink in the room. In some, it seems beige, while in others, it glances gray.

LRV - Edgecomb Gray

It has a low LRV of 63, making it a pastel hue. It's a tad darker than Classic Gray, another popular paint hue, but they are fairly similar.

LRV - Pale Oak

It has an LRV of 69.89, with approximately 70 on the LRV scale, and falls into the mild category. It's pale enough to go lost in bright sunlight, but it's got enough depth to contrast with white paint if you give it time to dry.

Different Details And Specs Of Both Colors

People commonly mistake Pale Oak, a warm light gray color. There are, nevertheless, important disparities between this pair. Pale Oak is considerably colder than its much warmer sibling and has more blue undertones.

Table Of Pale Oak


In the yellow range, close to red




222, 216, 205

Hex Value


Table Of Edgecomb Gray


warm gray/greige




218, 209, 196

Hex Value


Does Pale Oak Have Warm Or Cool Tones?

As a paint color, Pale Oak is gray with a warm undertone. While it is not the warmest gray paint color available, it is warmer than others. It will seem somewhat grayer in the colder north light, whereas in the warmer south light, it will appear somewhat greige. A great approach to detect whether a paint color is warm or cool-toned is to compare it to another.

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Edgecomb Vs Pale Oak In Different Spaces

Pale Oak's apparent brightness stands out at first glance. Also, it's got a little more of that sunny yellow hue. Both hues are lovely, and they complement one another well.

Edgecomb Gray


There is a sense of calm and neutrality that this hue imparts, making it an excellent choice for a bedroom. Wooden chairs, tables, and accent pieces will look especially elegant with this scheme since it will allow for the addition of other contrasting colors. Try matching it with darker browns or beiges to get the same spectacular impact.

darker browns or beiges


This color paint works particularly well in the kitchen. This hue complements cool tones like black and white and warm tones like beige.

black and white


The outside paint hue stands out without being showy. The natural beige tones of the stone are complemented by the Edgecomb gray, as you may see


Living Room

Fans of monochrome decor will find plenty to like in this family room. This is a great example of how effectively neutral colors like beige, white, and gray can work together to create a calming atmosphere.

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beige, white, and gray

Pale Oak In Actual Spaces

You can see how its subtle tones change in lighting and furnishings.


The Pale Oak color scheme is agnostic. It is impossible to overestimate the calming influence of the beautiful bedroom's neutral design on the space.


Living Room

This contemporary living room features a lot of gray as the primary color.

living room

Is Pale Oak A Greige?

If you haven't heard of it before, Griege is a color that may interpret as gray and beige. Many homeowners often go for warm neutrals like Griege to paint their walls. Pale Oak is not a genuine greige like the darker colors. Although it seems beige and gray, the tone is more airy and ethereal.

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Although both hues, Agreeable Gray and Accessible Beige, fall under the greige category, a comparison reveals that they are not identical. To clarify, “Accessible Beige” is a pleasant neutral beige with a hint of gray or greige.


The choice of paint colors that are not very expressive gives us more room to be ourselves. Pale Oak, one of the many gray-white tones that are very flexible, works well with various textures and styles. The paint hue, Edgecomb Gray, exudes an earthier and more solid atmosphere than that of Pale Oak.

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