You may choose from a wide variety of gray shades, from very light to extremely dark. Based on the preferences, Sherwin Williams online works effectively in several contexts, depending on the user's preferences.

Features Of The Sherwin Williams Online

Gray is one of the most popular neutral paint colors, but only some people know that there are hundreds of distinct shades of gray to select from. When preferring a gray color, it is always necessary to consider the undertones. This gray is so gorgeous and peaceful that it almost seems like blue.

A pleasant shade of gray that lies anywhere amid light and dark is found in "online" color. It is possible to read it much more lightly in a room with a lot of natural light and far bold in a room with less light.

Features Of The Sherwin Williams Online

Is This Color Warm Or Cool?

The cool tones of "Online" go well with the different shades of blue and teal you can use in your living room. It has a great appearance because it uses bright whites and earthy tones like wood. You may get away with using various color schemes, but you can use cold tones as an "Online" paint Color.


Compared to the color swatches, the paint seems light gray; however, a calming blue undertone is revealed after it is applied to the walls. This calming shade would work well in either the bedroom or the living room.

paint seems light gray

Specs And Details

The color has a Light Reflectance Value of 45, which classifies it as a somewhat neutral light gray that exhibits a great deal of nuanced shading. You won't experience exhaustion to the fullest extent.


Cool Gray 




176 : 181: 181

Hex Code


Light Conditions And Online Color

The quantity of natural light that enters a place significantly impacts the appearance of various factors, including the color of the paint, gloss, the size of the room, and the furniture. The undertones of Online are very pure and refreshing. It can take on a blue hue and a cool green tone, depending on the lighting conditions.

It has the appearance of cool touch when seen under direct sunshine. You can also figure out how the color changes from darker to lighter as you go from the corner to the brighter portions surrounding the window. You can also observe how the shade might appear in the different areas of your home.

Light Conditions And Online Color

Where It Works Best?

This color works well for freshening up the inside of a house. Even from the outside, it has a beautiful appearance, especially when combined with other materials that complement it, such as stone with a cooler tone. The hue "online" is ideal for a vacation home outside town.

It would look fantastic in a space with grays and blues of a comparable tonal tone. In addition to that, the contrast between the dark wood and the Online is eye-catching. The flooring looks like dark walnut works well with Online's overall style. Gray is not a color that works well when combined with many warm tones.

Where It Works Best

Tones Relating To The Trim

Because of the blue undertones, a warm white will seem more yellow than it is. You can use the white trim colors with this hue, such as under

  • Pure White
  • Simply White
  • Extra White

Some Alternative Colors To It

Rock Candy - Sherwin-Williams

The light grayish blue, known as Rock Candy, is a member of the family of white and pastel colors. It has a calming quality that makes it an excellent choice for a bathroom or an area intended for use by children.

Misty - Sherwin Williams

Misty, part of the family of neutral colors, is the hue you most often use for children's bedrooms. The color is a shade lighter than Samovar Silver and looks light blue with gray overtones. It is one shade darker than Samovar Gray.

Misty - Sherwin Williams

Krypton - Sherwin Williams

If you like something shadier, Krypton is a fabulous blue-gray color to choose from because it combines the two colors. Krypton is a color that is a hue that is dimmer than North Star and is part of the Neutral color palette. This gray is located further on the color spectrum's chilly side than on the warmer side.

Krypton - Sherwin Williams


The color "Online" from Sherwin-Williams is a beige-gray neutral. In well-lit environments, a neutral gray gives the impression of being lighter in tone without being washed out.

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