When you look at the paint wheel, Misty is two notches above Uncertain Gray as the most desirable color. Misty has a softer, more subdued, and lighter look than its close shade, Uncertain Gray, which has a similar appearance.

Sherwin Williams Misty Paint Color

The misty shade is an excellent alternative to gray. The inclusion of blue makes this color more soothing than typical neutrals and gives it a richer undertone. This shade of color is quite pleasant to the eye in terms of its appearance. Any location may benefit from its ability to provide calm and composure to the atmosphere.

Sherwin Williams Misty Paint Colo

Misty By Sherwin-Williams Is Warm Or Cold?

It is possible to consider Misty an almost moderate color since it blends well with many other colors. The color of Misty's becomes more subdued and less startling when even a small quantity of charcoal is added to the mix. The general rule of thumb is to mix a few drops of gray paint into your blue paint. The overall appearance of your interior is improved as a result. Because Misty has a cool undertone, it is best used in conjunction with the warmth of brass or wood.  Misty is the color you choose if you want something calm and soothing. After being painted with this blue, your walls won't turn out as garish violet or chilly mint.

How Does Misty React To Different Exposures?

Assuming there are no openings in the room, the presence of sunlight and exposure will cause every hue to seem different than it is.

  • An abundance of bluish-tinged gray light enters rooms facing north. The direction of the north makes things seem a little too scientific. Misty will have a cold, almost wintry, gray appearance. Use complementary warm hues when accessorizing with this.
  • Pleasant, diffused light is provided by rooms that face east; cool hues, like Misty, shine the brightest in the early morning sunlight. When the sun goes down, the atmosphere in these rooms is comparable to that seen in north-facing rooms in the late afternoon.
  • South-facing rooms will always give the impression of having more natural light and a higher temperature. A tint of yellow is seen in the oncoming sunlight, particularly in the Southern areas of the house. They form a terrific combo, even though Misty could seem less vibrant when exposed to direct sunshine.
  • West-facing rooms tend to have colors that are more convivial at night. Although Misty may seem to have a frosty behavior first thing in the morning, you can expect it to warm up gradually and become more upbeat as the day continues. The cold of the daytime will be gone later, thanks to the warmth of the midday sun. Just before the onset of darkness, the light in Misty will be at its most brilliant.

Misty Details And Specifications


This color has a cool quality to its undertones. This color falls well into the category of cold tones since both the blue and the gray in it have a chilly quality. When seen in artificial light or in contrast with anything more yellow oak wood tones, the bluish-green undertones in color become more apparent.

Exactly How Much Lrv Does Sherwin-Misty Williams Have?

Misty has a Lifetime Relative Value of 62 percent. It is on a scale from 0 total darkness to 100 full illuminations. Even though it is lighter and brighter than others, it still keeps some of its colors.

Color Family

In the spectrum of colors, Misty belongs to the blue group. It belongs to the grayscale because of how much gray there is in it.



RGB Colors

R:205 G:210 B:210

Hex Code


Where Can You Use Misty In Interior Design?

Any room in the home is suitable for applying Misty in the background to create a soothing atmosphere. This color is excellent for drawing attention wherever it is used, whether in hallways and foyers, bedrooms, dining areas living and formal spaces, the kitchen or even outside. You can paint all the walls with this hue or use accent walls to create a visually dramatic contrast. Let's look at some places and ways you may apply this calming blue-gray color around your home.

Dining Rooms And Living

As an accent color and the primary wall color in the living room and dining room, the usage of Misty is adequate. Create a dramatic impression by combining it with subdued whites, dark blues, and neutral grays.

Dining Rooms And Living

Beige tones that are not as stark might be used for upholstered furniture, carpeting, and window treatments. Make sure to place a component of the light black chandelier in a prominent location so that it may act as the focus of emphasis in the room.

Bathrooms And Bedroom

The hazy shade of the southwest works well for these secluded corners. Pair this deep hue with the more subdued tones of white and beige for a striking accent wall. This will help you get the desired effect.


When it comes to creating unique traditional settings, walnut wood grain patterns are on par with any other kind of wood grain pattern in terms of suitability. On the other hand, metals and glass may be a great breath of fresh air if you try a more straightforward style.



Absolutely everyone takes pleasure in having a kitchen that has a relaxing color scheme. They are not fashionable, making a cramped kitchen seem more open and brighter.

Consider matching the chrome hardware to round off the sophisticated look. The bottom cabinets may benefit from a brightening makeover with a darker blue-gray color, which is another wonderful option.



The outside walls of a house built in the Coastal style would look beautiful painted in this color. White and dark gray is used for trimmings, moldings, window frames and door, and other decorative elements that complement the primary color scheme. You may use natural stone wainscotting in gray or beige as an alternative to concrete when cladding the columns and landscaping your patio.


Coordinating Colors To Misty

Other Naturals

It's smart to combine Misty with neutrals like these. If you're looking for a great white, go with Dover White. Beige and brown, two other stunning neutrals, are two more colors that look amazing with Misty. Utilize the color Balanced Beige or the sample of Virtual Taupe to get a neutral tone. You may choose either Samovar Silver or Uncertain Gray. to get a broad spectrum of neutral grays. Additionally, it works well with darker shades of gray, such as Foggy Day and Grays Harbor. The mystical shade, gray with a hint of purple, is yet another wonderful hue.

Blue Accents

Accents in light blue are used to draw attention to the soothing blue tones in Misty's design. Two fantastic examples of lighter blues are the colors Upward and Sleepy Blue. The curtains and accent pillows may have a light blue color to give the space an understated yet noticeable touch. To tie the whole appearance together and provide some contrast, use a darker shade of blue, such as navy. Adding another layer, it will make the room more interesting.

Blue Accents

Misty Gray Vs. Misty

We will compare and contrast two colors from two palettes. The first one is now known as Misty Gray, and its reference number is 2124-60. Benjamin Moore paint colors is the name of the color guide, and it has a good amount of notoriety in the world of paint manufacturers and color designers. The color sample for Misty Gray may be seen on the swatch that is located on the left, slightly below. Misty is the name given to the second tone, which can be seen on the right and is denoted by the number SW 6232.

Misty Gray Vs. Misty

Where And When To Utilize Misty Gray

Misty Gray has an LRV of 80.58. This suggests that the color absorbs some light but not an excessive amount of it. It is safe to paint whole rooms this color without worrying about causing any damage to the drywall. Because it is neutral, it appeals to many potential purchasers, making it an excellent choice for staging. Because it is a calming tone that gives potential purchasers the impression that they are already at home, it is a good option for using while showing off your house.

Where And When To Utilize Misty Gray

This stunning color would shine in rooms with plenty of natural light. It will contribute to the already abundant natural light, serene ambiance, and large mood that the space exudes. There is also the additional advantage of a feeling of airiness and spaciousness put into the mix.

Inside Home Space

The color Misty Gray is used if you search for a more contemporary appearance. When designing with contemporary furniture and clean lines, this elegant tint is a safe choice that won't go out of style. In addition, it makes a stunning backdrop for paintings and pictures, especially those shot in black and white. The color scheme of blue-gray is so adaptable that it may be employed in a wide range of fashionable interior design schemes.

Inside Home Space

Comparison Of Misty With Some Other Colors

Misty Vs. Similar Colors

Sherwin-Williams has developed a large selection of bluish-gray hues so that homeowners may discover the most suitable color for their particular properties. There may be instances in both a bluish-gray and a grayish-blue color scheme.

However, there is something about them that differentiates them from other people.Two of the hues that are the most like to one another in appearance are North Star and Olympus White, to mention just a few.

Misty Vs. North Star

Sherwin-Williams Another grayish blue from the series, North Star, is part of the series and has an LRV of 62, making it a lighter hue than the others. Because it is so soft and refined, it gives you the feeling that after a long and difficult day, you may finally relax and let go of your worries. We can blend with neutral colors such as beige and whites with a lighter tint.

Misty Vs. Olympus White

Any space would benefit from having the background painted in this calming shade of bluish-gray. This color has a 68 LRV, which means it is used as a neutral without overpowering the eye while still expanding the visual perception of light and space in a particular location.


A more in-depth examination of this color reveals that it is a versatile shade suited to a broad range of interior design applications. To put it another way, if you are looking for a shade that is not just light and neutral but also fresh and cold, this is the perfect option for you. A brisk feel is observed in the application of color.

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