This paint color's undertones might be difficult to work with. But it's adaptable and can assist in bringing some life into a room with very little natural light.

How Do You Explain Sherwin Williams Eider White?

Sherwin Williams Eider White seems more like a pale gray than a true white. It is difficult to determine from online samples alone, but compared to a physical paint strip, this hue is the lighter alternative to Repose Gray. While it's true that this color is used for walls everywhere, it's not often the first choice because of the impression it gives off in different lighting.

It has overtones of purple, which make it feel cold at times, while at other times, its undertones are more faintly pinkish or taupe, which can make it feel warmer.
Explain Sherwin Williams Eider White

Do You Consider Eider White A Cool Or Warm White?

Eider White is a warm off-white that has a hint of gray. It has a gray base color but frequently takes on a pink or purple tinge. You may probably think of it as pink. It is because of this that this paint color puts many people off. The paint color has a lightness rating of 73 on the LRV scale. It's close to passing for white but contrasts well with white color trim.

Details And Specifications

Color Family

Warm gray

Hex Value






In What Way Does Eider White's Lrv Work?

With an LRV of 73, Eider White is slightly off-white. It may become washed out in a bright environment. This shade of paint may make a space seem dull and lifeless if there isn't enough natural light from other sources.


Many individuals avoid using Eider White because of its subtle overtones. There is some grey in it, but a grey paint hue often has a cooler blue or purple undertone or a warmer red or brown undertone.

It has a small pink undertone that may appear in particular lighting settings. Considering Repose Gray is the all-time favorite paint hue, Eider White might have comparable undertones. Unfortunately, Eider White has a lot of pinkish taupe tones, while Repose Gray doesn't have that much.

What Complementary Trim Colors Should You Use?

You may wonder what complementary colors and trim options go best with Eider White. The effect of your Eider White may be amplified by selecting a trim color that works nicely with it.

This color is profoundly affected by illumination. In the north light, it takes on a somewhat cooler blue or blue-gray tone. However, light coming in from the south may feel warmer. If these undertones are undetectable, the paint will still serve its purpose as white.

complementary colors and trim options

The Usage Of Eider White In Different Settings

Eider White is versatile; it looks great in any area of the house. Please make sure it works with your current setup. Always and at any time of day or night. This color will seem colder, grayer, and sometimes even purple in northern light.

In contrast, the west and south-facing light may cause it to warm up and perhaps reveal a pink undertone. This color may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it might be an attractive option depending on the context.

Use caution, acquire a little sample, and if you're still trying to convince, consider other color options if you still need to make a decision. There are "safer" options that avoid this shade's alleged undertone "problems."

If you're willing to commit, a room painted with this color may have the perfect gentle touch.


A transitional kitchen with a fresh spin on the classic white and blue color combination shall work best. In this room, the blue is a softer, more subdued shade of color.



This white paint would also look great in a kitchen with black counters. The wood floor, walls, and furniture all look great with gray undertones. Additionally, black fixtures and hardware can complement the space quite nicely.


Living Room

In this family room, the lack of windows brings up the paint's gray undertones. The bright blue furnishings highlight the gray on the walls.

furnishings highlight the gray


The Eider White in this sunroom is a little more inviting than the examples we've seen elsewhere. The abundant lighting and the golden tones of the furnishings brighten up the paint somewhat, but the underlying gray is still tangible.

Eider White in this sunroom

Exactly How Does Light Influence This Hue?

The subtleties of paint colors may only be fully appreciated when the right lighting is applied. Both artificial and natural lighting may bring out the richness and undertones of Eider White.

  • For this reason, you need to pay attention to the room or area you want to paint Eider white before you paint. It is because the dominant undertones of paint color will change depending on the amount of natural light entering a given space.
  • Since this color is a true white, it will reflect light and make any space seem more spacious. But if there isn't enough light to illuminate the space, it will seem lifeless and uninteresting. Therefore, the more light there is in a room, the whiter it will seem. However, the gray tones become more apparent as the surrounding light is dimmed.
  • No of the circumstances, adjusting the lighting in the room may help you find the best use for Eider White. Light the walls or sconces with warm whites to reduce the saturation effect.

Should You Paint The Exterior Of The Home Eider White?

Exteriors painted with white or off-white hues need extra attention and consideration of undertones. Even the smallest nuances may become nasty when used on a big enough scale. It works nicely with various prevalent gravel, roof, and brick colors.

Exterior Of The Home Eider White

Eider White Vs. Oyster White

Oyster White is more accurately described as a greige than an off-white. It might have a warm or chilly tone, relying on the other hues used in the design. Similar in warmth and creaminess to Eider White but slightly darker, Oyster White has a pearly sheen. The absence of a pinkish or taupe undertone in Oyster White makes it a more user-friendly option for interior design.

Concluding Remarks

These days, greige is the hue of choice for house exteriors and interiors. That is to make the homes more up-to-date and stylish without becoming clinical. It is not a problem with Eider White since it has both qualities.

Because of its distinctive undertones, it is a great option for both wall and trims paints. The LVR is 73, making it a stunning off-white with a touch of greige.

Its warmness will help make any space seem more inviting. Consider the room's lighting when painting with this hue. Lack of artificial light or natural may make lighter colors, like Eider White, seem grayer.

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