Gray color and wood are a natural fit for a modern home's decor. Gray cabinetry is a fantastic choice for creating a contemporary kitchen with a neutral backdrop. You may adapt the look of your kitchen to your current state of mind by switching up the paint and decorations.

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Gray Paint Colors For Cabinets - To Paint A Kitchen

Coventry Gray - Benjamin Moore

The lovely blue-green undertones in Coventry Gray make it a standout among grays. A faint blue hue becomes apparent in a room bathed in natural light. The hue becomes considerably muted and warm when there is less natural light. It is an ideal choice for cabinetry.

Coventry Gray

Gray Owl - Benjamin Moore

It is a lovely soft gray. Because of its adaptability, this shade of gray paint is among the industry's best-sellers. This gray is slightly warm but can take on a cooler tone in brighter conditions. This shade of blue is more flattering in rooms with low levels of natural lighting.

Gray Owl

Chelsea Gray - Benjamin Moore

The contrast between this sophisticated warm gray and pristine white is breathtaking. This color looks great in a kitchen with white walls and brass accents. This deeper shade of gray is wonderful when used to paint cabinetry.

Chelsea Gray

Repose Gray - Sherwin Williams

This color is more accurately described as a "greige" rather than a "true gray." it also contains some brown undertones. It works equally well in rooms with excesses of natural light and with little to no. Because of its simplicity, Repose Gray is a fantastic default paint color. Its beauty is universal, working well in a wide range of settings and lighting conditions.

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Repose Gray

Mindful Gray - Sherwin Williams

Another well-liked greige, Mindful Gray looks luxurious in some settings and utterly neutral in others. It's slightly deeper and more luxurious than Repose Gray. It is highly suggested for cabinetry as a warmer complement to a more relaxed wall color.

Mindful Gray

Winter Gates - Benjamin Moore

Winter Gates is a light greige with a warm undertone. It's possible to interpret this as a very light and bright space, like the kitchen below. When combined with bright white, this hue appears classic and unbiased.

Winter Gates

Iron Mountain - Benjamin Moore

Iron Mountain is a dark charcoal gray, perfect for you if you want something dramatic. Lower cabinets in this warm-toned dark gray would look great, with upper cabinets in a contrasting color. It's rich in color and depth and works equally well in modern and historical settings.

Iron Mountain

Amazon Stone - Behr

There's also Amazon Stone charcoal, which is excellent. Almost purple undertones are seen in this extremely dark gray shade. It's certainly not a neutral shade, but it makes a bold statement without being overpowering.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray - Archival Color Series
Greige is a great neutral paint color because it takes the best parts of both gray and beige. There are many distinct shades of greige paint, from soft to bright.
Amazon Stone

Peppercorn - Sherwin Williams

Peppercorn is a stunning shade of deep gray with a hint of purple. It's a lovely, warm charcoal color with a hint of brown.


Agreeable Gray - Sherwin Williams

This hue reads as grey but has a warm undertone. It's a pale grey that contrasts well with white. This shade of gray works well for kitchen cabinetry if you have several shades of white elsewhere in the room.

Agreeable Gray

Dorian Gray - Sherwin Williams

Dorian Gray stands out from the crowd with its distinctive undertone due to the slight warmth imparted by the purple undertones. It falls in the middle of the grayscale between white and off-white, contrasting nicely with bright whites.

Dorian Gray

Iron Ore - Sherwin Williams

Iron ore feels like bronze rubbed with oil. The bronze looks black but is bronze. The dark iron ore color looks great on cabinets and is very nice.

Iron Ore

New Gray - Sherwin Williams

As its name implies, a new gray is a gray that is one hue lighter than acceptable gray. It falls between the light and medium ranges on the grayscale and has a warm undertone.

New Gray

Worldly Gray - Sherwin Williams

A gorgeous gray cabinet color painted in Worldly Gray. While the red, blue, and green percentages are similar, the worldly gray sample has a significantly warmer undertone. The cabinets in the kitchen area all look beautiful, painted a worldly gray. It's a rather neutral tone.

It is one of the company's grey cabinet colors that a more vibrant accent won't overshadow. It's a beautiful, understated shade of paint.

Worldly Gray

The First Star - Sherwin Williams

The first star is a chilly white that reads neither hot nor cold due to its near-neutral distribution of red and green. It is a very light gray color. It's the whitest tone on the value scale, yet it's not quite white. It was a good choice for this all-white kitchen since it contrasted with the white fixtures and appliances.

The First Star

Pussywillow - Sherwin Williams

An increasingly common practice is to use this technique when painting kitchen cabinets a uniform gray color. It is a classic, timeless color.


Modern Gray - Sherwin Williams

Some individuals may perceive the paint color Modern Gray to be closer to the color taupe than to gray. The warm undertones of this color are brought out more by afternoon light that comes in from the south or west.  

Although it tends slightly toward pink in most circumstances, Modern Gray is so subtle that it may also pick up tones of green and violet. If a paint color does not remain true to a single undertone, it will morph into other tones depending on its environment.

Modern Gray

What Is The Grey Color Psychology

Gray is a hue used everywhere due to its neutrality and sense of equilibrium. It's been called a "moody" and "boring" shade that lacks expression. Because of this, it is paired with a vibrant, eye-catching hue. On the other hand, gray is one of the most classic colors around since it is neutral, easy to work with, and understatedly chic. Also, it's a lot more effective at covering up smudges than white or extremely light beige.

What Is The Grey Color Psychology

Many homeowners have opted for gray paint while renovating their homes in these uncertain times. It is because entering such a place may instantly make you feel safer and more at ease. However, if you're planning on decorating your house in a lot of gray, remember that it may lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

The Ins And Outs Of Gray Interior Design

The first time you use gray in your home decor, there are a few things to remember.

  • Although some may choose to decorate with a combination of gray and beige, using just one of these colors is generally advised.
  • Keep an eye out for other gadgets and furnishings that may already have gray in your kitchen.
  • Feel free to add consistency to the kitchen while installing gray cabinets. Put another way; this helps make the space more open, dynamic, and diverse. It also serves to break up any huge areas of gray paint.
  • If you're nervous about painting your kitchen cabinets gray, you may always use it as an accent color, much like black. Try painting a few of the kitchen cabinets gray or adding some gray decorations. It will allow you to see the color next to common household hues like beige.

How To Make Gray Cabinets Work In Your Kitchen

Gray kitchen cabinets may lean either warm or cold, making them versatile in terms of what kinds of backsplashes and appliance finishes are used. Gray can complement any kitchen, from a traditional country kitchen to a sleek modern area. If you're thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets gray, consider these ideas for color coordination.

Cabinets Are Either A Light Or Dark Shade Of Gray

The best shade of gray for your kitchen cabinets will depend on your kitchen setup and what you like. Dark gray cabinets might make a small room look even smaller and darker, especially if it doesn't get much natural light.

Deep and rich colors tend to soak up the light. In contrast, lighter tones reflect it, making the room seem brighter. Choose lighter hues of gray for kitchen cabinets in cramped quarters, and go for darker tones to anchor a more spacious kitchen.

Choose Whether You Want Warm Or Cool Colors  

Gray may seem like a simple neutral, but it is heavily affected by the colors of the rainbow, particularly red, yellow, and blue. Hues and undertones may also affect how warm or cold a color appears. Put paint samples of several colors of gray next to one another on the wall and look at them at different times of day to get a feel for how they might look in your room.

Take note of how the colors differ and go with the one that catches your eye. Inquire with the cabinet maker about borrowing multiple finish samples or doors to try in your area if you're installing non-customizable kitchen units and choosing from a fixed palette.

Choose Cabinet Finishes That Complement Your Countertops

It's possible to pair gray kitchen cabinets with just about any shade countertop. Since gray is a neutral color that complements white, brown, and tan, it gives you a wide range of alternatives for countertop materials.

Choose a bold color like aqua for your countertops or a sleek monochrome design with slate or stainless steel. Because natural stones like granite and marble sometimes include gray veining or flecks, they are also a great complement to these cabinets.

Use A Palette Of Colors

Try the two-tone style, which consists of contrasting cabinet hues, to spice up your dull gray kitchen. Gray is such a versatile hue since it complements so many others. One strategy for achieving this is to pair complementary colors or colors of equal intensity, such as butter yellow and dove gray. Using contrasting colors and materials like charcoal and ivory may make a room seem lively.

See the comparison between Accessible Beige vs Agreeable Gray and know what are the major difference between both.


Is Grey A Nice Color For Kitchen Cabinets?

If you're looking to switch up your kitchen's cabinetry from the standard white but aren't ready to take the plunge, a safe neutral like gray is always a good option. Numerous choices in countertops and wall coverings all work nicely with gray kitchen cupboards.

Are Grey Cabinets Trending For 2022?

Eventually, in 2022, gray is still frequently used for kitchens. The kitchen may seem more open and airy with light gray paint, while a dark gray paint color can add a manly touch. Gray cabinets are a classic, and they go well with white walls and shiny quartz counters.

Will Grey Kitchens Become Obsolete?

They have a classic look; grey cabinetry, for example, is versatile enough to go with a wide variety of decor schemes, so it never goes out of fashion. You may be certain that your grey cabinets will appear contemporary even when contemporary kitchens replace conventional ones.

What Color Kitchen Cabinets Go Best With Walls?

Kitchen cabinets are painted to match or contrast with the wall color; this decision is mostly a matter of taste and style.

What Is The Most Classic Hue For Kitchen Cabinets?

Colors like black and white will never go out of style. White kitchen cabinets are popular because they reflect light and create a bright, airy atmosphere. Equally classic are black cupboards.

Is There A Shade Of Paint You Should Never Use In The Kitchen?

Darker green, blue, red, and purple tones are avoided since they create a depressing atmosphere and obscure food. You should avoid greens and oranges for kitchens as well.

Best Green Gray Paint Colors - Versatile Combinations
Gray paints with a hint of green are now popular in interior design. These colors are a little more intriguing than the standard gray neutral paint colors we all recognize.


As a neutral color, gray paint is used in various kitchen arrangements. These ideas can help you choose the right shade of gray for your kitchen cabinets.

Gray is a popular color choice for interiors because of its ability to blend in with various hues and styles. You can use this lovely neutral for kitchen cabinets, as well as for furniture and other decorative items.

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