Every moment you enter Walt Disney World, you would see this color, even if they aren't displayed on any attractions, marquee signs, or the interiors of any resorts. But there's something special about it that you may not notice this color if you see it in a Disney theme park.

Disney animators made colors like "Go Away Green" so guests at Walt Disney Resort might not notice them.

Learn more about warm green paint color in our guide.

What Color Is Go Away Green?

It is a grayish-green and somewhat blue color designed to disappear into its surroundings. While the hue doesn't hide objects, it makes them much less noticeable. You may put this to use at home by, for example, painting the green fence surrounding your air conditioner.

Go Away Green - Disney Paint Color

Go Away Green is an unremarkable shade of Green that is meant to disappear into the surrounding trees, shrubs, and greenery. The hope is that it will blend in so well with nature that you won't give it a second thought.

Go Away Green - Disney Paint Color

Hex Code

In reality, Go Away Green employs several gray-green tones, so there is no single hex code. We've provided a selection of complementary hues for your perusal; select the one that works best in your setting, and you can get the corresponding hex code.

Where To Use Go Away Green

The enchantment of pale green implies that hues from this color family work well in outdoor kitchens, where large equipment benefits greatly from being made to blend in with their natural surroundings. These natural greens are reminiscent of the surrounding scenery, creating a seamless transition. This multipurpose paint is used in various ways to revitalize outdoor furniture or blend it in with its surroundings.

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If you’re looking to decorate your home, dark green is a versatile hue used as an accent or foundation. If you use it in moderation, it adds a sophisticated touch.

Can You Purchase This Color?

Disney doesn't provide the secret formula for the color, but here are some close alternatives for Go Away Green that you may get at your local hardware or home improvement store:

  • Pale Jade
  • Cooking Apple Green
  • Acanthus Green
  • Spice Garden

Similar Color To Go Away Green

Relish - Sherwin Williams

The Sherwin-Williams paint color series, in particular, is often linked with this HEX hue. This hexadecimal value represents the color called Relish; the SW 6443 code designates the same Sherwin-Williams hue. This visual example can is a starting point for our exploration and comparison. It should make it easier to distinguish between similar hues when working with a range of specifications and brands.






179, 203, 170

This Green is a common color in spas because of its calming effect. Consider using a muted color palette since choosing a bright one can lead you to unappealing turquoise or mint, even if you think you have the ideal shade in mind.

Relish - Sherwin Williams

Do You Know What Colors Look Good With Green Paint?

Green paint can work well with many different styles of design and color schemes. The right proportions depend on the look you want and the shade of Green. When pale celadon, blue, and white are used with traditional furnishings and standard decorations, they create a classical atmosphere.

The same color palette, old flower patterns, and antique accessories can all be used to make a cottage-style room. The accent colors you choose will depend on the attitude you want to set in a room.

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The dark green color is one of the best relaxing and soothing paint colors, so most people love using it when it comes to the peacefulness and harmony of the house. This color family has different shades; you can choose any of them according to your space requirements.


Decorate your house with light green since it is neutral and complements warm and cold colors. For instance, the cold, refreshing vibes of mint green are paired with the gray undertones of sage Green and the warm, earthy tones of mild olive Green. Though it is not as neutral as beige or white, light Green may greatly affect interior design.

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