You may use the sophisticated shade of Evergreen Fog wherever you want to create a positive impact. The distinct nature of Evergreen Fog makes it an excellent option for both interior and exterior applications.

If you want to make your room look amazing, try decorating it with the best dark green paint colors. Learn more about it in our guide.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Incorporating natural textures into your house may give you the calming, relaxing, and grounding effects of nature. The bright and welcoming medium-dark hue is peaceful enough to serve as a primary color without being too prevalent.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

This color is incredibly flexible. It's also a nice fit for a wide variety of decor choices. Pairing gold with it is aesthetically pleasing. It pairs well with dark colors like black, gray, and brown. This adaptable tone allows customers to follow the latest trends without compromising their taste.

Evergreen Fog Vs Escape Gray

The typical light sage has been given a fantastic new twist. The Escape Gray is a quiet and well-balanced color scheme, and its look is close to standard light sage. This paint may create a soothing, peaceful, and favorable atmosphere to sleep in, allowing you to unwind at the end of a long day.

Evergreen Fog

A more gradual shift from Escape Gray to Dried Thyme is achievable with the addition of Evergreen Fog. With an LRV of 41, Escape Gray is slightly lighter than Evergreen Fog, but not by much. It is a great alternative if you don't like how dark the Evergreen Fog is.

Escape Gray

The Complementary Colors With Evergreen Fog

One of Evergreen Fog's many charming qualities is that it works nicely with a broad range of colors. It is the perfect color because it is neither too colorful to be adaptable nor too gray to be green.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is my go-to white, so if you've been here and plan on sticking around, keep an eye out for it. Because of the green undertones with white texture in this fresh Benjamin Moore color, use them as a background or highlight.

Gray Owl

Gray Owl, by Benjamin Moore, is a fantastic choice for a neutral hue since it can be either a warm gray-green or a cool gray-blue. Utilize Evergreen Fog as an accent color; if you're looking for something that will evoke a sense of mystery but go with something more muted for the bulk of the space, this is a perfect choice.

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Repose Gray And Agreeable Gray

These colors are so versatile that each works well with Evergreen Fog that it seemed immature to separate them. However, Repose Gray helps Evergreen Fog retain a somewhat more subdued appearance.

Accessible Beige

Since Accessible Beige is a widely used neutral, many people would be curious whether the two colors go well together. The warm undertones of Evergreen Fog accentuate the pink undertones of Accessible Beige. Think about Shoji White if you adore this shade. It's a toned-down version of the popular Accessible Beige. It will continue to seem more neutral if used for walls and trim.

Black Magic

Black Magic is not as powerful a black as jet black. It might work well as an accent color with Evergreen Fog.

Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore's this Navy Blue goes well with green. Evergreen fog, a grayish blue, is almost often paired with Hale Navy.

Urban Bronze

Urbane Bronze was the reigning champion a year ago, and its fame has only grown. The deep bronze hue known as "Urbane Bronze" has an underlying metallic sheen. Urbane Bronze is also a chameleon, so you'll want to try it out in various combinations, but these two will work well together.

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Colors That Go With Evergreen Fog

Some other coordinating colors you may consider are below:

  • Agreeable Gray is a good example of a muted greige, but we wouldn't recommend any shade that leans even slightly violet. Accessible beige with this green is stunning when paired with aesthetic white.
  • White Duck is a great example of a muted off-white paint color that can dampen the room's energy and make room for Evergreen Fog to shine. Evergreen goes both with warm whites and stark whites.
  • Be careful if you want to add more color to your palette; you don't like to contest with Evergreen Fog. Try to find colors like blue and violet that contain the same gray or even less.
  • Since Evergreen Fog is heavily influenced by grey and beige tones, so you could also experiment with greige tones. You could begin with Mindful Gray or Thunder.

Evergreen Color Palette

This shade, a darker variation of traditional forest green, manages to strike a balance between the fantastical and the practical. Combine it with high-contrast colors and materials like black, white, and metal.

When Sherwin-Williams introduces new colors, some won't be part of a palette. Evergreen Fog is one such hue that does not strictly belong to any one color family. But on their website, Evergreen Fog is bundled with the SW 6180.

Ideas Inspired By Evergreen Fog

This color is fantastic since it is used in various aesthetic contexts. In a hotel room, restaurant, or workplace, Evergreen Fog offers a regenerating touch. The subdued and calm hue is well-suited to adaptable living spaces like lounges and other leisure areas, but it is also utilized in entryways and lobbies to give a warm welcome.

Ideas Inspired By Evergreen Fog

A hue as adaptable as Evergreen Fog may provide the tone you want in any environment. It's an elegant color for a home office and a restful one for a bedroom or living room. And we believe it's a new spin on wardrobe storage in the kitchen, mudroom, or trim when used with white paint for the walls and ceilings. It looks great inside and out as well.

Calming Space

Evergreen fog, combined with earthy textures like wood, may help create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room. The room's contrasting materials complement one another, making it seem luxurious without being stuffy

Calming Space


Even though it pairs well with wood details, you can still make Evergreen Fog look modern. The door, window frames, and accents all look great in black, which complements the color's sultriness.


Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets in Evergreen Fog can be used in either the kitchen or the bathroom, making them a very versatile color. Colors appear less intense here because of the abundance of natural light and the restrained palette. It stands to reason that cabinet paint applied in a low-light kitchen will take on a darker tone.

Kitchen Cabinets

Accent Wall

Evergreen Fog is a great option for an accent wall if you like lighter neutrals elsewhere. Think of doing this or experimenting with a wall painted at the bottom and wallpapered at the top.

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Accent Wall

Traditional Space

The evergreen fog paint hue is great for minimalist, eco-friendly, and contemporary interiors. However, it works just as well in a more conventional setting. When contrasted with bright white molding and beige flooring, the hue can takes on a darker, moodier appearance.

Traditional Space


Evergreen Fog is a great choice for the walls and doors in a bathroom with dim lighting. Modern, relaxing vibes emanate from the room's emerging wood-look flooring and green color.



Bedroom paint color seekers, your quest ends here. Put up a wall of this color beside the bed for a chic and soothing effect.


Evergreen Fog Specs And Details

Evergreen Fog is a calming grayish-green hue that evokes visions of nature wherever it is used. It is a modern shade that looks great in many different settings.


The LRV value of 30 gives Evergreen Fog mid-tone status. This is a rather neutral green, with an LRV of 30. It's just the right level of brightness/darkness. This color will appear more bluish in a very bright room and closer to light green in a dimly lit room. Walls will seem more saturated in a dimly lit room.


Evergreen Fog has some yellow overtones since it is towards the yellow end of the green spectrum. Sometimes it translates to a beige undertone, while other times, it's completely indistinguishable. Greens that are on the grayer side may be rather versatile.

Table Chart:

Color Family

Evergreen Fog is one of the greens.

Light Reflectance Value


RGB Colors

R:149 G:151 B:138

Hex Code


Brand Code

SW 9130

The Everlasting Fog - Warm Or Cold

Even though green is located in the middle of the color wheel between warm yellow and cool blue, it is commonly used as neutral because of its versatility. In this scenario, Evergreen Fog is officially a warm green because of warm yellow overtones. Yet the gray acts as a neutralizing element, offsetting the warmth.

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How Does This Color Interact With The Lights In Your House?

  • One of the most common things is considering how the paint color will look in different lighting.
  • Though Evergreen Fog is a deeper paint hue, it brings a sense of brightness and airiness to the spaces utilized. It is partly because of the abundant natural light flooding the inside.
  • For instance, a room painted with Evergreen Fog will seem more like a light sage green if it faces south.
  • When painted in a room with north-facing windows against the sun, this color will seem significantly deeper, almost like a deep murky gray.


What Color Is Evergreen Fog, Anyway?

The colors green, gray, and blue combine to form an evergreen fog. It's versatile enough to serve as a neutral, with possible undertones of blue or green, depending on the room's illumination. Rather, it's a beautiful statement tone in the middle of the color spectrum.

Do You Think Evergreen Fog Is Grey?

The Evergreen Fog is moderate.   It has a blue undertone and is mostly a greenish gray. It's not a particularly cold color, despite its green and blue tones. It goes well with various colors but especially complements earthy tones and warm hues.

What Best Describes Evergreen?

Evergreen is a subset of the Dark Ocean Green color group. It has a strong saturation but low brightness. Using the hexadecimal color code #05472A, we can say that Evergreen is the corresponding color.

Which Hue Complements Evergreen Best?

Combining black, gold, and white with Evergreen helps soften its often rustic appearance.

Does Evergreen Fog Complement Creamy?

In terms of accents, Evergreen Fog is rather versatile. It's a very deep color; therefore, it pairs well with the lighter beige and tan hues common in older houses. Most homeowners, though, are opting for crisp white trim.

Is There An Evergreen Fog-Alike Paint Color By Benjamin Moore?

There is no exact match since each paint color has unique characteristics and flavors. The undertones, temperatures, and depths will change. Nothing comes near Evergreen Fog in Benjamin Moore's collection; all their corresponding paint colors are either noticeably more or less green or gray. And if you're considering obtaining paint of different brands to match.

Do You Think Evergreen Fog Makes A Nice House Exterior Color?

Green is difficult to deal with since it doesn't necessarily complement the colors of brick, stone, and roofs. It doesn't imply it won't go with your house; make sure green is a realistic option by either contrasting or complementing elements already there (like the roof).

Go Away Green is an unremarkable shade of Green that is meant to disappear into the surrounding trees, shrubs, and greenery. Learn more about it.


Evergreen Fog is an excellent paint color if you want a neutral background but need something more intriguing than plain gray or beige. It's a beautiful combination of green and gray, neutral and soothing.

This hue is technically neutral but reads significantly warmer than the typical green or blue. It complements a wide range of decorating schemes and color palettes and brings peace to every room it's used in.

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