It's hard to find the right neutral tone. Most people either spend too much time trying to discover the perfect shade or give up and choose a safe neutral they later regret.

You can see our guide about painting your walls in Sherwin Williams Misty for a serene and calming atmosphere.
drift of mist sherwin williams

This page details “Drift of Mist” by Sherwin Williams' because it is distinct from others. It has an off-white color with a warm undertone that leans gray. It almost glows as it blends into the warm background. The color interacts with light and undertone in its special way, much like several other classic off-whites.

How Would You Describe The Color "Drift Of Mist" By Sherwin-Williams?

As an off-white hue, this paint is pleasant and comforting without being too formless. It has a warm undertone but is still quite neutral, working nicely with warm and cold hues. How this color of paint looks depends greatly on its surroundings and lighting, which can change even from hour to hour as the sun rises and sets.

drift of mist sherwin williams

Detailed Guide Of Drift Of Mist - All Undertones

It is the information about what Drift-of-Mist is all about. Even though they are hard to see, there are still green undertones. Green undertones aren't very strong, but you should avoid them if you don't like them. You should only purchase 6 to 8 gallons of this paint if you have thoroughly tested it in small amounts.

Many ideas and factors are considered before settling on a paint color for your house, and doing so is essential. Trying out the live swatches is important. Seeing it on a website might make a color seem lighter, but it may seem much darker when painted on a wall. But suppose you don't want to deal with that chaos. In that case, it's easy to avoid: remember the fundamentals of color theory when choosing paint.

Sherwin Williams Egret White - A Realistic Paint Color
This tone of white indicates that special vigilance is required while choosing this paint color for interior walls. The Egret White, when used appropriately, has the potential to transform a space, even though it is more complex to apply.

Drift Of Mist Sw 9166 - Information Chart

So, first of all, and primarily, let us give you the notion of Bright Reflectivity or the LRVs that define how lighting or darker the color palette is. Look at the backside of a sample of paint tin to get that Value. Now that we are done with the analytical and technical knowledge. Let's get begin with the practical features of this paint below.

Color Family

Gray Color Family


Color Collections

Cool White, Living Well - Renew, Finest Whites

Creative, Living Well - Renew,

Top 50 Colors

Light Reflectance Value


How much a given hue reflects or scatters light is quantified by its Light Reflective Value.

RGB Colors

R:220 G:216 B:208

With RGB, you can identify red, green, and blue percentages in any given hue

Hex Code



Western-Facing Rooms

They get an abundance of warm sunlight in the late afternoon and early evening—the warm tones in this color pop in this setting. Here, more than everywhere else, the shade will take on the appearance of a cozy greige with hints of green.

Spaces That Face East

Mornings are when they receive the most sun, and the day gradually cools off. Early in the day, you'll feel the warmth here. So use the warm undertones here.

Rooms That Face North

These sides get the least heat from the sun. The bright whites and creamy tones will be more apparent in this case.

Rooms Facing South

These spaces get constant filtered light. The warm tones of the color are evident here but in a more muted way.

Different Usage And Textures Of Drift Of Mist

Paint samples are the best way to see how a potential paint color will appear in your home. Take the swatches home and evaluate how they look in different rooms and at times of the day. The type of paint is utilized in every room. And unrestrictedly, in whatever hue you choose. You may put it to use anywhere: in the lobbies, restrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, nurseries, exteriors, and playrooms. This shade works well with various decor types, including contemporary, modern, classic, and transitional. Let's check out what works best and where it is used at home.

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray is a soothing and trendy paint color choice for any modern home. You can see our guide about it to learn more.

Living Room Painted Light Greige

Don't you just like this stylish space? The gray ceiling beams, gray stone, and decorative elements highlight the drift of Mist's muted tones. The walls are pale gray in natural light, which is somewhat cold. The hue would work as an accent color or as a base coat for the room.

Wooden (walnut and oak) tones and lighter upholstery will also work well with this color scheme. You may also opt for a more modern look using plenty of glass and metal in your background design. Additionally, wooden molding stair and railing installations are recommended. Ample mirrors and plants will bring in light and freshness.

Living Room Painted Light Greige

Vaulted Family Room

Typical of Texas Homes, this combination of modern elegance and homey comfort is wonderful. The paint has warm tones, and a creamy quality brought out by the greige furniture and accessories. It's also black enough not to lose among the lighter white furnishings.

Vaulted Family Room

Dining Room Walls

This room perfectly displays the paint's grey greige tones. If you don't see it immediately, compare it against the white shelves and molding. This paint is a fantastic choice if you want a calming, adaptable aesthetic in the dining area. Dining rooms of any design may benefit from its usage. It goes especially well with walls finished in wood paneling or plaster wainscotting. The light fixtures, picture frames, and furniture legs should all have a matte black finish. Lastly, bring in some live indoor plants to spruce up the place.

Dining Room Walls

For Bedrooms

If you want a more serene and pleasant ambiance in your bedroom, choose this color. In the winter, there's nothing like coming home to a warm and welcoming bedroom. As an added decorative touch, put matte black table lamps.

For Bedrooms

Washroom Decor

It is a lovely choice for the walls and cabinets of a bathroom. To complete the aesthetic, match it with matte black fixtures and pulls. To make this hue appear even more inviting, paint the back wall a pure warm white. Also, keep in mind that it works well in compact settings.

If you need paint for your home, you can find a wide selection at Sherwin Williams Online. See our detailed blog to learn the process.
drift of mist sherwin williams


Interior designers see a rise in demand for brighter kitchens. This is particularly true if they like monotone aesthetics. It looks well with a wide variety of browns and beiges. It goes well with oak or white cabinetry, luscious hardwood flooring, and chrome or nickel fittings. Furthermore, you may choose black glossy granite or marble with white veins to create a striking contrast.


Utilizing For External Purposes

Regardless of the style of your house, Midcentury modern, Spanish, Innovative, or someone who may have Contemporary, the paint will give a friendly, approachable vibe. Trims, baseboards, and window and door casings may either be painted white with a natural brown emphasis or conversely. And don't be afraid to go all out with natural stone wooden paneling and brown roof tiles.

Utilizing For External Purposes

Unless you're trying for a light, dazzling, off-white appearance, using color with such a high LRV might be difficult on an exterior. Because on many of your exposures, the color may seem much brighter even if it is not off-white. A color that fades and looks off-white is less appealing, so you should choose one with a little more depth or go with an off-white color.

How Do You Sense This Color in a Space?

Using this paint in the house will make it seem inviting, comfortable, warm, breezy, light, and wonderful. What's more, it has the most beneficial aspects of both musical traditions. Although it has a warmer undertone, this paint is as smooth. It is indeed a paint that exudes a sense of peace and harmony. In addition, the softer tone and somewhat creamier look of these paints create the optical illusion of a more spacious and open but still inviting environment in your home.

How Do You Sense This Color in a Space?

For a colder climate, this hue is a perfect choice for your house because of the comforting, inviting atmosphere it creates. This includes the northern states. For the sake of harmony and proportion, we suggest utilizing this hue on the interior walls that face north and south. This paint isn't very hot, so you may use it in east- and west-facing rooms without being too hot and uneasy.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster - White & Pastel Paint Color
Alabaster is a soft, milky white that isn’t too dazzling but still reads as white in practically any setting.

How Is The Ultimate Way To Evaluate The Drift Of Mist?

Sample offers peel-and-stick paint shades that are easily moved around a room for less than a tenth of the price of standard sample pots. That is because it has more green in it. If you like decorating with greens, this is a fantastic neutral. Off-white works nicely in a space with plenty of natural light since it's deep enough not to seem colorless after fading.

Is Drift Of Mist A Famous Paint Color?

Many Online Color Consulting customers are sensitive to its purple and green overtones. Those who like purple tones usually prefer something other than green ones. Green-tone devotees often have a distaste for purple hues. As a result, your perspective will vary depending on the category you choose.


Is The Drift Of Mist Color Grey Or Beige?

The color is commonly categorized as warm gray than beige when painting colors. In northern light, it will appear cooler, while southern light will make it look grayer.

Is This Color Cool Or Warm?

The color is a light gray with a warm undertone. And it's so light that the word "off-white" is often used to describe it. It might look colder in places with cooler light, but it doesn't contrast well with cool colors, so it usually looks warmer. Also, it's not a color that preference ever looks warm or light-colored in bright light from the east or west.

Does It Match Agreeable Gray?

Compared to agreeable gray, Drift of Mist is noticeably brighter and lighter. The tones could be more harmonious, so it is recommended to go with something completely different instead of trying to combine the two greiges.

What Effect Does Light Have on Color?

This is a situation in which light plays an extremely important part. As expected, the lighter undertone makes this shade seem airier. In addition, this shade is appropriate for smaller spaces since it gives the illusion of more space. Nonetheless, artificial light in the shape of pendants illuminates, and sconces are used to establish your mood further. Whites that are warm and vivid yellows that are chilly are used. Although colors seem different in various lighting conditions, we urge you to test certain wall samples.

Sherwin Williams Incredible White is ideal if you love perfect white colors. We have a detailed blog about it, visit the blog to learn more.


Talk about Mist by Sherwin-Williams and whether or not it might work for home. Picking a paint color might take extra work. Saying that you desire something neutral will help you choose a few options. The drift of Mist is a grayish-off-white color that doesn't stand out. It has enough color to make your walls look warm and friendly. It is another warm color, but it is nothing like yellow. In rooms with less natural light, like bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, it looks more like a medium-toned greige than an off-white.

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