In addition to reflecting the kitchen's general design, your blue cabinets should perfectly complement the existing surfaces and accent hues. A few exquisite examples of kitchens with blue cabinets of varied colors are elegantly displayed in this article.

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Blue Kitchen Cabinets Colors

What Kind Of Blues Are All The Rage Now?

Blue, like every other hue, is full of nuances. This refreshing shade goes from a dark navy to a moderate sapphire to a pale blue-green. Two distinct "camps" of blue are popular, ranging from dark Navy to light hazy blue. Like black, dark blue carries an air of mystery and elegance. These pastels, sometimes confused with baby blues, provide an air of sophistication and fun to a space.

Blue's Kitchen Success - Why That Color?

The kitchen is the home's soul; although grays and whites get all the glory, blue is a timeless and complimentary color choice. Both trendy shades of blue, dark and light, go well with appliances in the kitchen. Dustier, lighter blues look well with every metal finish.

Pale Smoke - Benjamin Moore

We achieve the ideal neutral gray shade that is both soothing and sophisticated. Light smoke seems almost see-through. The design draws attention to the ethereal tone by pairing it with classic elements like a white tile backsplash and sleek silver accents.

Pale Smoke

Krypton - Sherwin Williams

It is a soothing addition to any white or off-white room. This muted blue-gray evokes the soothing atmosphere of the shore without being overpowering. Because of its dominant gray undertones, this paradise color goes well with cool white and warm wood tones. Krypton, on the swatch card, appears more blue than medium gray.


Normandy Blue - Benjamin Moore

It is an elegant, shadiness dusty blue and is a great choice for making a big impression in a little room. Put it to good use in the open-concept kitchen and draw attention to special features in your home's design. This blue-gray hue is evocative of relaxing coffee shops where you may chat with friends. It never goes out of style, making it ideal for any setting. Normandy Blue cabinets serve as a backdrop for the exquisite kitchen's elaborate decorative molding.

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Normandy Blue

Adirondack Blue - Behr

This calming color, a blue with icy gray undertones, is evocative of the mist-shrouded mountain range from which it takes its name. It is equally at home revitalizing antiquated settings or balancing out daring elements. The highlighted color palette shows how nicely this blue complements a variety of non-traditional elements.

Adirondack Blue

Reveal Blue - Sherwin Williams

A grayish azure with cold undertones explores the spectrum's edges. Despite its name, Revel Blue is more of a light purple, lending an air of royalty to your kitchen or bathroom. Blending two hues would seem quite different depending on the illumination. The lower Blue cabinets benefit greatly from the contrast between the dark flooring, the light counters, and the higher cabinets.

Reveal Blue

Aqua - Behr's

This bright blue will bring a grin to your face every time you cook in your kitchen, which is why it is so effective. While aqua isn't usually considered a kitchen cabinet color, its bright undertones pair well with the natural woods and bright whites that are standard in most kitchens. Even though it's a light hue, aqua will stand out on the kitchen cabinets. Use it as the room's showpiece, as on a deserted island.


Aqua is a versatile color that pairs nicely with a wide range of tones and shades, from the coolest shades of white and gray to the boldest hues of red and yellow. Copper, chrome, or brass are my go-to metals for hardware and decoration.

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Hague Blue  - Farrow & Ball's

Like Navy, rich teal contrasts your kitchen's white cabinets and countertops. You could also paint the bottom cabinets a deep turquoise and the top cabinets a light neutral color like white. This beautiful greenish blue goes well with almost any metal finish, making it a great choice for hardware and fixtures. It will stand out as a big difference. Its great intensity may elevate the look of your kitchen.

Hague Blue .

French Blue

It is a suitable choice since it is a grayish blue with a hint of sunshine. It is a true blue that may provide an aura of antiquity to a traditional kitchen, while its moderate boldness can infuse new life into a sleek and modern one.

French Blue

Painting your cabinets a shade of French blue is a terrific way to bring out the wood grain and other characteristics of antique or period-style cabinets. It's a nice touch of color for contemporary kitchens and bathrooms without seeming too frigid next to the stainless steel equipment.

Blue Smoke - Benjamin Moore

This medium gray with lovely blue-green overtones is perfect for creating a tranquil space. The mellow tones of Blue Smoke are reminiscent of peaceful color paint.

White marble worktops and a matching marble backsplash are beautiful addition that lightens the room. The luxurious carpeting, brushed nickel fixtures, and muted gray accessories provide the ideal visual and textural balance.

Blue Smoke

Wedgwood Blue

Wedgwood blue can blend in with many shades of blue, which is why it works so well. This shade of blue is more subdued and has smoky undertones than French blue. It's so gray that it's easily misunderstood.

When you enjoy gray cabinets but also want a bit of color, Wedgwood blue is a great choice for your cabinetry. This soothing blue complements both classic and contemporary cooking spaces.

Wedgwood Blue

This excellent option would benefit greatly from your whole set of cabinets or even just one accent wall. Wedgwood blue is a versatile medium to light-intensity hue that works well with dark and light wood tones. This traditional, beautiful blue would blend well with hardware and fixtures of any color, especially rose gold.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Cabinets - Some Other Places

Water's Edge - Benjamin Moore's

Cool blues are like bringing the outside inside with this color. You can Mix Water's Edge with high-gloss lacquer.

Water's Edge

Hague Blue - Farrow & Ball

The color blue, especially a dark shade like Hague Blue, is often used by interior designers to paint small spaces. This beautiful library is small, so it was easy to make it look like a jewel box.

Hague Blue

Pitch Blue - Farrow & Ball's

We adore this hue since it varies throughout the day. The pigments are so deep that one may see a hint of periwinkle in the blue from one perspective and a pure dark blue from another. Finley says the hue gives the furniture an incredible depth that no other paint can match. A gigantic white and blue freak, he says. It evokes the sea and a sense of clean, classic simplicity.

Pitch Blue

Blueberry - Benjamin Moore's

This paint color creates a cheery and colorful space in the home library.


Blue Jean - Benjamin Moore's

This medium blue by Benjamin Moore is the sweet spot between light and dark, pastel and vibrant. The hue your favorite pair of blue jeans gets after being worn and washed several times. Use this lovely color liberally in your bathroom to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere.

Blue Jean

Thundering Clouds - Valspar's

It has been said that cool purple-blue-gray hues are the most soothing and peaceful making them a great option for a bathroom that has to act as a serene refuge. This Valspar color is on the darker side, so it's best used in bathrooms with plenty of windows to avoid creating a depressing atmosphere. The vanity cabinet in this Living bathroom is painted the same shade.

It's a striking, elegant shade that harmonizes well with the room's other surface materials. It's simple, yet it appears classy all the same. This restroom is not depressing because of the abundance of windows and white fixtures.

Thundering Clouds

Courtland Blue - Benjamin Moore's

Simple, traditional, and sophisticated. The elegant blue-gray color is reminiscent of the ancient world. Although it draws from past architecture, Courtland Blue fits well with modern settings. It's a classic color that will always be in style. This color in the ultra-contemporary laundry room lifts the mood. The smooth blue gloss contrasts well with the bright white quartz countertops and shiny brass hardware.

Courtland Blue

Peaceful Blue - Behr's

It's a pale shade with neutral undertones thanks to the incorporation of gray and green. It is perfect if you want a soothing, refreshing, and airy bathroom. This bathroom's color scheme is a breath of refreshed air. The uniform use of cool blues and bright white creates an air of cleanliness and comfort.

You may learn something from this lovely bathroom and use the selected accent color in a few strategic spots. It's a great method to add color without worrying about it clashing with anything else.

Peaceful Blue

Sea Fog - Behr

It is a mellow grayish blue with a tinge of teal green that conjures images of misty mornings. It's a classic shade of blue that exudes calmness. The black accents contrast with the warm and cool warm tones. The backsplash of white subway tiles gives the room a timeless, uncomplicated feel.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray - Archival Color Series
Greige is a great neutral paint color because it takes the best parts of both gray and beige. There are many distinct shades of greige paint, from soft to bright.

Soft Blue Paint Colors

Sea Fog - Behr

The design industry's current obsession is pale blue. That's because it's the correct thing to do. The use of light blues in a room gives off a sense of cleanliness and coziness. These nostalgic tones—worn denim, nearshore waves, misty mornings—are vibrant colors that easily complement a wide range of design aesthetics.

Remember that the tint of blue varies greatly depending on the illumination. Keep the room's natural lighting and existing trim in mind when deciding on a light blue paint color. Colors that are somewhat on the grayscale are more likely to last.

Soft Blue Paint Colors

Suggestions For Anyone Considering Purchasing Blue Cabinets?

We want to give you some honest advice if you're considering painting your kitchen cabinets a darker shade of blue.

  • To start, a room painted in a dark color might seem intimidating and block out any light from outside. So, if you don't want the room to look too dark or the cabinets to look black, it's best to use light or white walls and flooring with dark blue cabinets.
  • If you want a color that's easy to take care of, dark blue isn't. It will show up food pigments like spices or flour, unlike other colors that might help hide mistakes in the kitchen. Also, you can see dust and fingerprints. Remember that if the front of the cabinet breaks, what's behind the black paint will be shown.
  • But these worries are lessened when a lighter blue is used. When used right, a light blue island or cabinet in the kitchen can make the room feel fresh and happy.


Which Colors Work Well With Blue?

The pastel blue goes well with the sunny yellow and pink—brilliant colors like white and red complement royal blue well. Soft pastels and neutrals like gray and peach go well with baby blue. Sky blue goes well with ivory and gold.

Which Shade Of Blue Is The Most Well-Liked For Cabinetry In The Kitchen?

A popular shade of blue, Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball is a favorite among decorators. It's not hard to understand why It is one of the most sought-after kitchens and beyond swatches: Because of its adaptability, this shade is a must-have

Do You Find That Blue Kitchen Cabinets Stand Out?

There's a reason why blue cabinetry in the kitchen is so common. It's sophisticated and rich and works well with many other neutrals. All shades of blue and Navy, from muted blue-gray to deep Navy, work well together in today's kitchens.

Which Blue Hue Would Work Best In A Domestic Cooking Space?

The color blue works well in the kitchen. Kitchens benefit from lighter shades of blue, but bigger kitchens may use darker blues dramatically without losing their sense of openness.

Cabinets And Floors - Light Or Dark?

If that's the case, you may be debating whether your wood flooring should be brighter or darker to complement your cabinets. Hardwood floors of a lighter shade go well with cabinets of a darker hue, and vice versa. The second option is to choose colors that complement each other.

Do Any Particular Hues Seem To Be Popular For Cabinets These Days?

Artists love working with oak and walnut because these two natural kinds of wood look great with a wide range of green hues. Matted grays are widely used. A white kitchen with a  gray accent or a gray kitchen with an earthier design is popular.

To What Extent May The Blue Walls Match The Cabinetry?

Walls painted in a neutral hue, white, grey, or cream, are the most timelessly stylish complement to blue cabinetry. You may use other colors as accents and decorations if you choose a neutral hue as your base. Pink and blue make a great pairing for a more daring paint scheme.

Best Paint Finish for Kitchen Walls - Tip For Your New Paint
Painting your kitchen walls may seem like a simple task, but choosing the right paint finish can make a big difference in your kitchen’s overall look and feel.


Blue paint may also shine in the kitchen, long a favorite for bedrooms and living rooms. This classic, crowd-pleasing shade is perfect for kitchen cabinets because it provides a blank slate against which other finishes may pop.

Kitchen cabinets in any design style may benefit from the stimulating effect of blue, especially those in Navy to powder blue.

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