We've included some of your favorite green kitchen cabinetry styles to help you get ideas.

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Best Green Paint Colors For Cabinets

Green paint is becoming more prevalent in cabinetry and interior designs because of its ability to be both stunning and soothing simultaneously. Green has been more popular as a color for indoor and outdoor walls and furniture in recent years. Since they are painted with this bright color, the kitchen cabinets, trim, and built-in shelving appear better than ever.

Sea Salt - Sherwin Williams

To make it stand out in the kitchen, pair it with black, grey, dark,  or light white for a stunning contrast. As a result of being painted with Sea Salt, these kitchen cabinets will have a subdued tone between blue and green.

Sea Salt

Prescott Green - Benjamin Moore

Try painting the cabinets in the kitchen a reviving green for a burst of color and to add some visual interest. It is an excellent method for incorporating color without going to extremes. This color is stunning, and it would look amazing on cabinetry.

Prescott Green

Studio Green - Farrow And Ball

Green, along with blue, is one of the most prevalent colors in the natural world. It's a sign of calm, stability, and harmony. Studio Green is a rich green color that may convey sophistication and wealth.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Bedrooms - Inspiring Environment
Blue is a classic color because of its timeless quality. Depending on the hue, it may be mysterious, ominous, peaceful, soothing, or spirited and animated. And it goes well with a large variety of other hues.

For this reason, it is fantastic for architecturally designed exteriors, interiors with plenty of natural light, kitchen cabinets, and doors that make a bold statement. It harmonizes well with brass, other warm metals, and woods like oak and mahogany.

Studio Green

Palm Leaf - Sherwin Williams

Palm Leaf, an olive green, has an LRV of 10, which is strong and dark. It's a very saturated shade that transforms to suit the available light. Its ability to shift colors is fantastic. Its dark brown tones will become apparent when the light isn't directly on it. But when the light hits it just so, the gold shows through. Use this shade with warm beiges, whites, and off-whites for a stunning effect. See for yourself how stunning a kitchen can appear with Palm Leaf cabinets by checking out this one.

Palm Leaf

Secret Garden - Sherwin Williams

Secret Garden is an olive-toned green with a similar LRV to Palm Leaf (8). It's a great complement to a wide range of warm tones, including brown, taupe, off-white, cream, and more.

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Secret Garden

Forest Green - Benjamin Moore

Using this forest green, you can create a tranquil atmosphere in even the most spacious and light-filled kitchen. The rich wood tones work well with the hue to create a serene and beautiful space inspired by nature.

Forest Green

Pewter Green - Sherwin Williams

In general, pewter hues are subdued variations on other colors. They include a lot of grays yet are by no means uninteresting and drab. Pewter Green is a cool-toned gray with rich green undertones. With an LRV of 31, this hue is dark in spaces with minimal natural light. However, when intense natural light strikes it, this hue will seem a little more gray than green.

Pewter Green

Oil Cloth - Benjamin Moore

One of the most popular paint colors is Oil Cloth. Its many hues throughout the day make it beautiful. Although it seems neutral, it is more striking than either white or grey. This shade is beautiful and can easily be adapted to various cabinet designs.

Oil Cloth

Vintage Vogue - Benjamin Moore

The classic collection by Benjamin Moore includes the color Vintage Vogue. This color is luxurious and would be the focal point of any room. Many of us are attracted to the color green since it has been shown to have a soothing and relaxing impact.

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We may feel this way because it makes us yearn for the great outdoors. Green paint, whether on an accent wall or an entire kitchen, is ideal for giving a room some character while maintaining a timeless quality. Given the abundance of similarly shaded furnishings, the rich green would be a fantastic addition to the cabinets.

Vintage Vogue

Bancha - Farrow & Ball

Kitchen cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball's Bancha would be another dream of yours. It's a deeper, more gloomy olive shade that, in our opinion, could look modern with black stone and brass hardware. There might be a sensual atmosphere if the lights were down enough.


French Gray - Farrow & Ball

The color French Gray from Farrow & Ball creates the look of a European mudroom. Scott painted built-in cabinets, mudroom storage, and a soothing green countertop island to carry the hue throughout the space. Natural light, lovely limestone flooring, and stark white walls make the greenish-gray pop.

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French Gray

Essex Green - Benjamin Moore

This green color is the ideal green kitchen cabinet color option. It is worthwhile to take a risk when selecting a paint color since the expense is not prohibitive. It's alright to take a chance and try something new; color can transform the mood of a room. A dark green kitchen cabinet makes the white countertops and other neutrals stand out.

Essex Green

Pigeon - Farrow & Ball

It aimed to evoke a typical Cotswold green for this handmade cabinet. Go with Pigeon by Farrow & Ball because of its lovely sage green color, and we paired it with black-and-white checkerboard floor tiles and brass doorknobs. The color may pull a quiet gray in a darkly lit room or let its green undertones burst through in rooms beaming with natural light.


Captivating - Benjamin Moore

Add built-in green shelves and cabinets to your modern design workspace to make it look nicer if you want the cabinets to stand out and have depth because of how the light walls and dark blues contrast. Captivating Teal, in the end, came out on top.


Hunter Green - Benjamin Moore

Hunter Green is the ideal shade of green for her contemporary kitchen cabinets. It is worthwhile to take a risk when selecting a paint color since the expense is not prohibitive. It's alright to take a chance and try something new; color can transform the mood of a room.

Hunter Green

Hillside Green - Benjamin Moore

Your favorite greens tend to be on the muddy side, making them work better as a neutral in a tiny bathroom than as a bold accent. Benjamin Moore's Hillside Green would look great on the bathroom walls, woodwork, and desk. The room seemed more united, thanks to a consistent green color scheme. The room's green walls are the anchor, but combining those walls with the metal, linens, marble, and even the old wood accents makes the space remarkable.

Hillside Green

What Rooms Can Benefit Most From Using Green Cabinets

Incorporating cool greens into an interior with white furnishings and walls is a great design choice. A glossy, all-green finish makes a bold statement. If you're looking to foster an ambiance of muted discretion, you should follow this approach.

  • One of the most striking areas to utilize green is kitchen cabinets. Greens are a perfect addition to the kitchen because of the positive associations they evoke in people. To soften the effect, consider using two cabinetry colors rather than putting the green hue on the ground cabinets.
  • A kitchen island or adjacent built-in bar painted green would be a lively focal point in a space otherwise decorated in neutral tones. Green cabinet paint brings liveliness to practical settings, too.
  • Cabinets painted in dusty sage or mint green look great in laundry rooms and mudrooms, while a bathroom painted in earthy, deep olive tones may seem like an oasis. Green on all walls, cabinets, and trim can help you feel completely immersed in the hue.
  • Consider painting the walls and built-in cabinets in your living room or office a striking blue-green if you want to encourage focus.
  • Shades of Green that are darker in the spectrum can make a bold statement in more formal settings, such as the office or the library, blending drama and quiet sophistication—finishing in a satin or semi-glossy sheen.


Is Green An Ideal Kitchen Cabinets Color?

The kitchen is one room where green paint may look lovely. Again, most people choose a mellow pastel green, but you like the stark distinction of a deep green like a Salamander. One thing you would watch out for is using a brighter, more "pure" or primary Green in the kitchen.

What Is Shade Of Green Most Often Used For Cabinetry In Homes?

Cabinets look well in softer, subdued greens like sage, mint, or even greens with a hint of grey. Although they won't go out of style as quickly, these kitchen fixtures may make a bold statement. For example, Farrow & Ball's Green Blue is one such shade.

What Color Should You Choose For The Cabinets If You Have Green Walls?

It's important to keep the cabinet color extremely light so that the green wall color doesn't steal the show. A green wall will appear fresh and clean against white or ivory cabinetry. Put a dark wood island in the middle of the room, far from the green walls, for visual contrast.

For The Kitchen, What Shade Of Green Would You Recommend?

Kitchens look great when decorated in a mint or pistachio green, particularly when paired with white and light wood accessories. Some great choices are Sherwin Williams' Mint Condition, and Farrow & Ball's Ball Green are great choices. They would brighten up a drab kitchen and go well with white or oak cabinetry.

Is Green A Common Choice For Kitchen Cabinetry?

Green is a fantastic option to add color to a modern cabinet. Whether you're remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, cabinet color is one aesthetic that may require updating.

Do Kitchens With Green And Gray Color Schemes Work?

Similar shades of green and grey are the most complementary to one another. It implies that the colors should transition smoothly across rooms if each room is painted differently. One room's use of a cool green that leans grey might inspire the use of an even deeper, better slate grey in the next room.

What Complements Sage Green The Most?

Beautiful complements to sage green are subdued blues and earthy browns. But if you want to make a statement, consider mixing sage with vibrant colors. This kitchen's yellow and black barstools provide a welcome pop of color.

Best Sage Green Paint Colors - The Most Trending Solutions
Given how versatile the green color is, it is not surprising that it’s often used in traditional and modern home designs. Sage green is one of the most beautiful colors in the world.


Even though many other cabinet colors have come and gone, green is a good color for a place where food is cooked. It would help if you thought about how olive-green cabinets are used differently.

This color goes well with many other colors, especially warm off-whites. And it looks good with both modern and traditional décor. Plus, it might help you feel less stressed.

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