To help you narrow down your selections, we've compiled a list of some of the best true blue shades, from the lightest baby blue to the darkest. There are shades of blue that will complement your bedroom, whether it's ultra-traditional or modern.

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Best Blue Paint Colors For Bedrooms

To some extent, blue is the most versatile hue. This color shows why it is so popular by having a wide variety of tones and blending well with others. Even the smallest bedrooms are made into relaxing havens with the help of pastel blue walls.

Light Blue - Farrow & Ball

This pale blue isn't as pastel as other light blues. It's a warm gray, calming and velvety, ideal for sleeping quarters. The brand does a fantastic job of providing these gorgeous, multi-layered colors. This hue imparts a sense of contemporary style.

Light Blue

Hale Navy - Benjamin Moore

Homeowners overwhelmingly chose Hale Navy as their favorite shade of blue paint. It's a stunning profound shade of blue that you love in every room.

Hale Navy

Buckland Blue - Benjamin Moore

Blue works well with various design aesthetics, demonstrating how well it can merge disparate elements. Using  Blue for the bedroom successfully combines Contemporary Rural and Modern design aesthetics. It's a cool shade of blue with a few white accents that hint at a 90s vibe.

Buckland Blue

Indigo Batik - Sherwin Williams

Indigo Batik is a gorgeous blue paint color that takes inspiration from the indigo dye used in batik fabrics. It is too much color for an entire room, but it works wonderfully in accents.

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Indigo Batik

Blueprint - Behr

The 2019 Color of the Year from Behr is Blueprint, which uses the paint of an accent wall in the bedroom. It is a lovely vivid blue in the middle tones. It nearly acts as a neutral paint color does.


Blue Flame

Blue Flame is another rich, intense blue that works well as an alternative to black in formal settings. You may achieve any of these styles in your bedroom.

Blue Flame

Best Blue Paint Colors For A Good Night's Rest?

If you're curious about health and psychology, you will be astonished that blue powers lead in the bedroom. Exactly which shade of blue is ideal for a good night's rest? Both sleep specialists and interior designers love this color and believe a blue bedroom may help you get a better night's rest.

The dark green color is one of the best relaxing and soothing paint colors. You can see some of the best dark green paint colors in our guide.

However, certain shades of blue are more effective than others. Understanding what hue promotes sleep might come down to individual opinion, with some professionals opting for milder blues and others preferring deeper. Almost any shade of blue is a good option for a bedroom, and it has been shown to improve sleep quality; the question is, which ones are best?

Atmospheric - Sherwin Williams

Atmospheric, a hue that fits this description well and is noticed in the sunroom. It is recommended that you paint your bedroom a lighter, airier blue, such as the color of the sky, on a clear day while trying to choose the perfect shade of blue. Using something evocative as an articulation wall is a fantastic idea.

This color is associated with 'trust and stability,' all of which will help you remain sleeping for longer and promote bodily emotions of calm. It is reminiscent of the relaxing daylight sky or the relaxing waves of a beautiful tropical ocean. Just right for a restful, relaxing ambiance.


Van Deusen Blue - Benjamin Moore

Whether the homeowner is a shift worker or a home buddy significantly impacts the shade of blue that works best in a bedroom. A Van Deusen Blue or similar medium-dark blue, if you are wide awake late at night, it is best with a luminous or dusty blue like Atmospheric.

Van Deusen Blue

For those needing a warm and inviting environment to sleep in, consider the Naval shade ideal for several bedrooms because it provides a somber atmosphere that is conducive to sleeping in the wee hours of the morning.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Bedrooms - Inspiring Environment
Blue is a classic color because of its timeless quality. Depending on the hue, it may be mysterious, ominous, peaceful, soothing, or spirited and animated. And it goes well with a large variety of other hues.

What Should You Know About Blue Color?

Many experts in the field of interior design prefer blue walls. Being available in many tones and tints, it can function as either a calm neutral, or a lively accent color. It works well with various hues because of its complex tonal range. Calming and subdued blues create an ambiance that is perfect for a bedroom.


Blue is a member of the family of cool colors.

Complementary Colors

Depending on the shade's undertones, orange and maybe certain yellows and reds are complementary colors.

Pairs Comfortable Together

With Lighter shades of blue work as a neutral and go with a wide range of other hues, but darker blues can handle contrast from brilliant white and other shades of blue.


Depending on the shade, the effect may be dramatic (dark, inky blues), calming (light, muted blues), or energizing (bright, vivid blues).


Blue is so versatile that it may be used as a neutral throughout the home, from the outside to the inside.

Mixing Blue With Other Colors

Due to its soothing qualities, blue is one of the most popular colors in the world. Therefore, blue is still the most popular color for interior walls. Here are some color options that complement the blue walls of your bedrooms.

White And Indigo

Indigo, a color between violet and blue, is made up of red and blue as its actual colors. Indigo is an excellent blue color to have in your house. With indigo as the main color and white as the accent, this blue color scheme is stunning. This hue combination provides a lot of views, and it makes the home seem clean and attractive.

White And Indigo

Teal With Taupe

The teal is created by mixing the complementary colors blue and green, evocative of the deep blue sea. Using teal and neutral colors like taupe together will give your house a relaxed, beachy vibe. Put this on the interior walls, and you'll instantly feel calm. Nippon's cerulean and small angel paint colors convey the intended meaning well.

Teal With Taupe

Yellow And Cobalt

Yellow is among the greatest hues blended with blue. Your home will seem more energetic when decorated in warm yellow and blue tones. Cobalt blue walls, in particular, get an energetic boost from the yellow, making this the best blue color mix.

Yellow And Cobalt

Soft, Subtle Hues

A special kind of baby blue stands out among the other hues of the color spectrum. As a pastel shade, baby blue combines nicely with other pastel colors like mauve and pink. This blue hue combination offers a calm and peaceful tone to your house.

Soft, Subtle Hues

Dark Grey And Blue Denim

Denim is a unique blue color made by mixing two different blues. Denim blue with grey in the house decor seems more noble and refined. Walls painted in this striking mix of denim's raw character, and a neutral grey will make a bold statement.

Dark Grey And Blue Denim

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Orange And Indigo

Even two clashing colors may work well together, as seen by the complementary relationship between indigo and orange. Orange and blue color schemes introduce trendy hue combinations into home design. This blend is incredibly adaptable when using indigo and may be used over your house.

Orange And Indigo

Monochromatic Blue

Although a monochromatic palette, Shades of blue generates a relaxing and welcoming environment in your house; since it is a cool color, blue will make your home seem comfortable and relaxing. Your home's interior looks elegant and sophisticated thanks to the many tones of blue on the walls.

Monochromatic Blue

Sapphires With Glittering Gold

Blues provide an impression of openness. It is one combo that draws your attention quickly. This not-too-loud blue color combination bestows a dreamlike aspect to your dwelling.

Sapphires With Glittering Gold


What's The Perfect Blue Bedroom?

If you are wide awake very late at night, we suggest you use a color that is either medium blue or navy blue, such as Van Deusen Blue. On the other hand, an “atmospheric” that is hazy or resembles a dazzling blue is an excellent choice for the morning.

Is It Okay To Paint A Bedroom Blue?

There are many different circumstances in which the color blue is used. Depending on the shade, it may be cozy and welcoming, cold and unapproachable, serene and gloomy, dramatic and understated. All of these qualities are influenced by color. The calmness that the hue may generate makes it an excellent choice for use in a bedroom.

Should You Paint The Master Bedroom Blue?

Since of its calming effect, blue is often used to decorate the master bedroom because it is the home area known for having the fewest disturbances. If you are contemplating painting your bedroom, you may choose from a large variety of different tones of blue. From a pastel robin's egg blue to a deep navy, there is a hue of blue that will complement every style of interior design.

How Significant Is The Impact Of Blue?

The hue of light blue is very close to becoming white. The gentleness of a light blue hue gives every room a sense of peace and tranquility. It also aids in giving the impression of greater space when combined with similarly light tones on the ceiling, trim, and doors. It helps to make the room seem larger.

Do Designers Use Blue In  Aesthetically Pleasing Space?

In interior design, blue is frequently chosen for its calming effect as an accent color. Because blue comes in such a wide range of hues, it evokes emotions simply by selecting the right shade. Using a darker blue helps to create an atmosphere that is more understated and natural.

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When planning an interior design project, blue is often voted one of the most popular options to explore. It is because it is possible to utilize the color as a neutral and dazzling accent—the hue's versatility in each of these settings.

Walls painted any shade of blue—from dark, rich blue to light, pastel blue—create an atmosphere of tidiness and modern chic. Whatever the degree of saturation, the statement remains true. You can explore all these shades discussed in the article to use in your bedroom.

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