In addition, its white disguises imperfections better than others. Keep the room's contemporary lighting and furniture in mind as you decide how best to use this color.

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White - SW 7035

It is a great alternative if you want something that, from the outside, appears bright and airy but isn't quite white. There are a few pink and peach undertones since it is more similar to the Yellow Hue Family than Yellow-Red.

The neutrals on the warmer side of the yellow hue family are excellent for color experimenting. Check whether the shade will stand out too much against your current carpeting and countertops. Due to the light sensitivity of this hue, try seeing how it changes appearance during the day and in various lighting scenarios.

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White

Category Of Color

This color is very close to neutral, with a Value of 8.79 and a Chroma of 0.73. To be more specific, it is at the very top of the Light Near Neutral scale, which means it is very close to being Near Neutral.

Details And Specifications - Aesthetic White

Consider your house's color scheme before settling on a new coat of paint. Extra caution is necessary with handling whites. The color is on the paler spectrum and is most likely off-white. In general, a higher value indicates a whiter tone.

Aesthetic White - LRV

The LRV of Aesthetic White is 73. Light reflectance value (LRV) is a scale where 0 is entirely black, and 100 is fully white. An LRV of 73 is, as you can see, rather high. Because real white paint colors fall between 80 and 90 on the LRV scale, we already knew Aesthetic White is not truly white. Instead, it's a shade with a hint of nuance. The paint color Aesthetic White is bright and airy. The good news is that it will be pretty light for your walls.

Table Chart:

Color Code

SW 7035

Color Family

The color family that includes Aesthetic White also includes warm beige tones

RGB Colors

R:227 G:221 B:211

Hex Code




The Aesthetics Of This Color In Space

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White will unquestionably give any room quiet confidence and ease. As an off-white, it will help provide the impression of a bigger room while still providing all the advantages of the other attributes. It would help if you were okay with choosing this paint color, as it will provide a timeless aesthetic.

This color will make the room look bigger and brighter if you need more space to work with. Most of the light is reflected, making the walls look further away. Remember that this color would look great as an accent or neutral base.

To What Extent Does Lighting Influence This Hue?

The function of light is very important. You should know that the subtleties will be lost when exposed to direct sunlight. The effect of this lighter, greige hue will vary depending on the lighting.

To What Extent Does Lighting Influence This Hue
  • For instance, this hue will seem somewhat chilly and gloomy in rooms that face north.
  • Whereas this hue may look somewhat cooler in rooms facing east or north, it will have a warmer tone when exposed to sunlight from the west or south.
  • This paint hue is used in almost every climate, including hot, cold, humid, and dry.

Undertones Of Color

There are greige undertones in Aesthetic White. It is a reasonably neutral paint color, unlike other greiges or taupes, which are close to greiges that may have green, purple or blue overtones. It's not too far from the beige or gray side, so it's a good neutral.

Undertones Of Color

It might look more gray or beige, depending on the light. There are some sneaky things that it can do. When painting with this color, please pay close attention to the lighting and any bright interior or exterior colors or finishes. This color is very reflective and picks up hints and reflections from its surroundings as white does. Most of the time, Aesthetic White doesn't show any obvious undertones.

Where And When To Apply Aesthetic White

If you're looking for a paint color for the whole home, Aesthetic White is a fantastic choice. Due to its portability and LRV, it can be set up anywhere, from basements to corridors. It's a versatile neutral that is used everywhere, from the bedroom to the kitchen, thanks to its adaptability. This color may also be utilized for an exterior, but remember that it will seem much whiter in natural light.

Where And When To Apply Aesthetic White

Light-reflecting value (LRV) measurements show that Aesthetic White absorbs around average light levels. Most whites have a high LRV, making them a great option for covering large areas. This shade is perfect for spaces that don't receive much sun.

Living Room

As said earlier, Aesthetic White is an excellent choice for a living room. Since it is simple to clean, hides scuffs, and is compatible with a broad range of different types of design. If you have a large family, this is an excellent method to make the living room seem more inviting and comfortable for all your guests.

Living Room


When used in conjunction with other pure whites, Aesthetic White may elevate even an all-white kitchen to a new level of sophistication. It will heat up in an instant. Gold fixtures and warm accents may bring the room together and offer a touch of class.


Mix With Different Tones

It's a good idea to keep things aesthetically interesting by combining different textures with different tones of white. Against natural wood tones, Aesthetic White's warmth shines. One such material you may employ to your aesthetic advantage is rattan. Also, plants are a great way to add texture without going overboard. On a white background, plants pop.

Mix With Different Tones

Some Contrast

Use Aesthetic White to complement the pure white features of a building, such as trim and moldings. The design of your house will benefit greatly from incorporating this technique. Try using the color as an accent on a wall for a bold and contemporary look by painting a geometric form around a door.

Some Contrast

Coordinating Colors With Aesthetic White

White's beauty lies in its adaptability, making it an ideal backdrop for any color scheme. This color scheme works well with a wide variety of wall paint tones. Sherwin-Williams provides a wide variety of color schemes, including Aesthetic White, Aqua Verde, Pure White, and Chelsea Gray.

Overall, it's a fantastic decorating option for a home with a traditional, coastal, or farmhouse vibe. True blues, warm pinks, blue-greens, rosy pinks, darker greiges, black, neutrals, and black-and-white color schemes all play nicely with this color.

Aesthetic White Trim Colors

Sherwin Williams recommended using Aesthetic White and Pure White together. As a more subdued white paint, Pure White gives your trim a fresh appearance without being too glaring. Pure white complements many wall colors, making it a go-to choice for trim.

You can also mix Aesthetic White and High Reflective White to get a whiter trim. There aren't any blemishes or dull patches on this white paint, and it almost has a warm undertone.

Aesthetic White Compared To Other Colors

We would include a comparison to other well-known hues in the identical color family or that serve the same purpose. As a result, it is rare for a person to judge a paint hue in isolation.

They usually consider a small palette of colors before settling on one. So, you can evaluate Aesthetic White next to a group of related hues, such as Dove White and White.

Aesthetic White & Shoji White

Sherwin Williams's Shoji White is a well-liked shade of off-white. It's a nice neutral, bright, and airy atmosphere. Shoji White and Aesthetic White belong to the greige color family. However, although they have many characteristics, the beige undertones in Shoji White make them stand apart.

On the other hand, Aesthetic White and Shoji White are both warm neutrals. Compared to Aesthetic White, the shade known as Shoji White is a touch yellower and creamier. If you're trying to decide between a beige and a greige paint color for your house, it's important to know the difference. Shoji White is close to the greige/beige boundary and is likely to seem somewhat more beige.

On the other hand, the shady neutrality of Aesthetic White contrasts with its lack of clarity. Both beige and gray cannot adequately describe this color.

Aesthetic White & Alabaster

Sherwin-Williams' best-selling off-white paint color is called "Alabaster." The paint color is a pale white with hints of yellow and gray. Many people love this warm white because of how airy it feels. Compared to Aesthetic White, Alabaster is much paler.

When placed after the off-white color of Aesthetic White, Alabaster nearly seems to be a real white. In all honesty, both are different. If you're looking for a lovely, warm white, Alabaster is a terrific option. When looking for a very pale greige, Aesthetic White is a wonderful option. Yet, you cannot replace one with the other.

Aesthetic White & Incredible White

Incredible white is a considerably closer match to Aesthetic White than Alabaster. Amazing white is another greige color closer to the taupe family than the greige one.

Curious as to what the distinction is. For the record, greige is a paint hue that combines gray and beige but has other green and blue overtones. Taupe is a paint hue that combines gray and beige with hints of pink and purple. Undertones of pink and purple may be seen in Incredible White, mostly gray and beige.

On the other hand, Aesthetic White is a neutral blend of gray and Beige without distinct tones. In comparison to Incredible White, Aesthetic White is a more neutral color. However, their LRVs and depths are almost the same.

Can You Paint The Outside Of The House An Aesthetic White?

White might be a softer alternative for many houses with more challenging, warmer stone and brick colors. It's also a fantastic choice for exterior trim. However, Sherwin Williams Pavestone and Aesthetic White are more successful.

What Color Is Sherwin Williams's Aesthetic White?

Although it may appear like a standard off-white, Aesthetic White is a beige color with a gray undertone. It means that it lacks the distinctive golden sheen that many beige paint colors have and that it also lacks strong undertones.

Is Aesthetic White a Cool or Warm Color?

It is a warm variety of white, so it pairs particularly well with the natural tones of wood.

Is Aesthetic White Greige?

Because it is relatively neutral in tones beyond Beige and gray, Aesthetic White works well as a Light greige. Paint color Aesthetic White is very neutral, unlike other taupe greiges, which are close to greiges and may have green, blue, or purple overtones.


Aesthetic White is a nice, neutral greige. You may use this hue to paint just about every room in your house. It's a versatile neutral that works as a great background for a wide variety of decor.

White is a versatile color that is used in houses with architectural styles. The extremely pale greige Aesthetic White is just what you're searching for.

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